I Need Your Help!! Oh No He Didn’t *Special Almost Sketchball Edition*

Someone PUHLEEZE help me! I’m caught up in some fraganackle bullshit. There’s this emotionally challenged/potentially developmentally delayed guy who works in the same building I do who insists upon talking to me every single time I see him. I’ve always been cordial, but have never really had anything of substance to say to him.

I guess he’s had a crush on all things Tasha related, and figured today would be the day that he would let me know what’s been on his mind. I was on my way back in the building from lunch, and he shoved a card in my face. He gave me the most embarrassed, red faced look then kind shuffled off with the quickness. I thought it was another Christmas card, so I smiled and got in the elevator. Once I got back to my office and had a chance to open this card I was horrified. Straight up disgusted and confooosed.

He wrote me a love (lust??) note, and I didn’t know whether to be flattered or to make an appointment with the Porcelain Toiletbowl Gods to upchuck my lunch. Let me give you a sample…some of this stuff is all kinds of unfit for adult eyes. This is copied verbatim with the yuckstuff taken out

“Natasha, Natasha, Natasha…I found out your name from your badge. You have the most banginest booty in the building. I want to make it mine and *HELL NAW. X-RATED* it all night and day. I’m trying to be dat dude for you. I gots plans for us for VALENTYMES. Take these days off…. Merry Kissmas, Muah! I really like you and don’t want you to be offended by this, but I had to let you know all the ways I think about you from the boardroom, to the bed, to everthing elses”

There’s a lot more in that letter, it spans three card pages, but you get the idea. The stuff in this letter had my head tilting sideways trying to comprehend it all. And what the fuck is Valentymes, yall? I’m obviously disturbed by this, but I don’t know if I should alert his employer, or what. I’m feeling hella violated, but at the same time I don’t think he realized the gravity of what he wrote. I know he’s developmentally delayed and emotionally challenged, so I’m not sure if he really grasps the fact that I’d feel violated from that letter. Sure he knows enough to be sexual and how to express that (all too well I may add), but I can tell in his eyes that things just don’t always click the way they do for the rest of us.

I’m really stuck here. Readers, I need your help. Drop me a comment with some advice for a sista if you want. Thanks.


5 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!! Oh No He Didn’t *Special Almost Sketchball Edition*

  1. I think you should report it. Mentally challenged or not, the contents of that card are very inappropriate. People shouldn’t have to worry about that stuff at work.

  2. Like most problems, this one can be solved by ignoring it and hoping it will go away.

    Seriously, much of your action depends on other factors. Does he work with you or just in the same building? If you don’t feel comfortable talking to him, you could write him a note expressing that you’re not interested and hand it to him next time he stalks, er, sees you.

    No one should be put in this kind of situation.

  3. I think you should report his ass, too.

    But the part about how he *gots plans for us for VALENTYMES* was t much for me! I had to giggle a little!

    … I know, I’m going to hell!

    I had this blind man trying to rap to me once and he kept trying to rub my hand. I felt bad until one day he acted like he was grabbing for my hand and grabbed my titty! Shiiiit!!! I know he meant to do that b.s. and gave him a nice tongue lashing!

  4. Personaaly I think that reporting this inappropriate shit wouls just embarass the hell outta this poor unsuspecting little fucker….I would calmly and sternly tell him to back the fuck up and try offering helpful advice on the differences between talking to a lady and talking to a ho.Cause he obviously has no one who cares enough about him to make him socially responsible.Or just kick his ass maybe I’m just soft because in High this mentally challenged boy wrote me a love letter and my stupid boyfriend tried to kill him…..if he really dosent know any better than it’s not his fault.

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