Let it Snow and Weekend Roundup

I went up to Baltimore this afternoon to visit my brother, and when I left my place at around 1, it was lightly snowing and blowing around I-95. Already the drivers were acting a mess, but things were generally smooth sailing. By the time I left my brother’s and was making my way back home, the snow had gotten much heavier and drivers were acting like they were on a collision course with guardrails and trees. I swear in the 20 or so miles between here and my brother’s house, I must have seen at least 6 different roll-over or my-vehicle-is-totaled-to-hell accidents. I’m not sure why it seems like a lot of Maryland-brand drivers didn’t get the memo that explained that when it rains or snows that is not the time to drive 85 mph down the left side of the highway. (although I wish more people would drive that fast when the roads are clear and get out of my way).

Once I got back toward the DC Urrea I decided to go grocery shopping and within the 40 minutes I was in there, it turned into a full fledged snowstorm requiring the use of snowbrushes and ice scrapers. I made it back to my apartment safely, but allow me to give a piece of advice to the City (or burb/town/whatever this place is) of Laurel and to the rest of PG County: When it snows, you need to plow the streets so people aren’t spinning their tires on an inch of snow and then salt the streets so they remain relatively clear. I know this place has to have snowplows, winter actually happens here. I’m so excited to see snow though, I’ve missed having a real winter. If you can’t tell, I really enjoy winter and love snow when dealt with properly.

The rest of my weekend was pretty low-key. On Saturday, I picked up my two new kittens from the Washington Humane Society on Georgia Ave. I’d spotted them at he Health and Fitness Expo last weekend at the Convention Center and put in an application, and yay I was approved. So once we got home, they did a lot of sniffing around trying to learn about their new digs, but now they’re right at home trying to sleep on my head at night.

Went to dinner with a few of my girls that night, then headed to see “Alpha Dogs” at the theater at Columbia Mall. We’d intended to see “Stomp The Yard” but it was all sold out. Anyhoo, when we got in the theater, we noticed that it had not been cleaned from the last movie. There were used nacho trays, half eaten bags of popcorn and drink cups all over the place. The other people who were there didn’t seem to care. But we reported it to the theater staff and when they came in, it took them about 5 minutes to congregate and decide if they should clean the theater up. Well they only cleaned the very front rows, leaving the rest of us to sit in nastiness for the rest of the movie. One of the girls I was there with had her camera with her, so she took pictures and a quick video of how nasty the theater was. Needless to say, we got our money back, but we’re still going to submit the pictures to the cinema’s corporate offices. That’s just nasty and triflin, especially after we asked them to come clean and they couldn’t even come clean up by our seats. We should get a few free movies or something for that.

Anyway, hope yall had a good weekend!


4 thoughts on “Let it Snow and Weekend Roundup

  1. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll.

    The funny thing about this wheather is, a week ago it was 70 degress outside, and today we had a full on snow storm.

  2. Could you also tell the city/burb of College Park. They refuse to put down any sort of salt to melt the ice or even shovel for that matter. Like they didn’t know snow was coming!

  3. everytime it rains or snows in the area I’m always amused by the reaction from folks, like a dusting of snow is a cause to run to the store and stock up on provisions. I’m like “Is there something I should know? I mean I came here for some sugar…”

    shutting schools down for an inch of snow. I would have LOVED to go to school out here if all it took was some rain and snow to keep me out of school

    and someone need to tell VA drivers the same!

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