In Pursuit of Trashyness

My apartment complex is a pretty nice little place, many of us are single or are young couples, some with little children. We tend to be very tidy people and mostly keep to ourselves. However, there is always that exception to the norm. These people have me wondering if it’s time to move or if I should get grimey and do something to teach them a lesson.

My next-building-over neighbors are some mullet-having, tight-jeans wearing, cheap beer drinking, trashy-ass people. I mean, these people are the type to toss trash out to the dumpster from their windows—their apartment is situated about 15-20 feet from the dumpster outside. Now I’ve seen nasty people before, but these trailer-trash rejects absolutely take the cake.

A girlfriend of mine lives in the apartment directly under them, so I’ve had a few too many run ins. These people will walk around in public with fly unzipped, gut hanging out, gray grizzly mountain man beard (YES the woman too), suspenders over a grody looking plaid flannel shirt looking like they haven’t showered since the Vietnam War. And the worst part is they’re passing this horrendous trash trait to their kids. I’m not immune to juvenile “bathroom” humor, but they’re teaching their seven and nine year olds that it’s perfectly cute to walk around belching and passing gas and laughing about it. Every time I see one of them, I can’t help but think of the movie, “Deliverance” and I hear the dueling banjos song. They honestly look like they were dropped in Maryland from the Ozarks and used to be neighbors to the “Green Acres” or the “Beverly Hillbillies” casts.

Yesterday though, I got my fill. I stopped by my girlfriend’s place after I got done with my errands, and of course who do I see but the dirty lady. I nodded my head hello and she nodded back then seriously stuck her hand in her pants, scratched her pandora’s box then sniffed her muthafuggin hand. Why she did this in front of me, I have no clue. But as I’m standing there waiting for my friend to come to the door she proceeded to scratch her ass then hocked the biggest, nastiest sounding loogie and spat it in front of the laundry room door. What in the name of holy purple rain?! Right. In. Front. Of. Me.

Of course, me having the mouth I have just said, “That’s fuckin disgusting. Take that shit outside you dirty ass ingrate”. And this woman had the nerve to say, “It ain’t my damn house, so I don’t give a good damn”. Yo, I was seriously about to lose my dignity and spit on her, but thank goodness my friend opened the door so I didn’t get the chance, because I know some mess would have popped off from there.

I truly don’t understand how people can be so disrespectful to the places that they live and carry themselves in such a manner. I don’t care that you don’t own it, you still live there and should take care of it in a respectful way. I know people have reported them to the leasing office, but nothing has been done. I don’t know how to effectively get them to change or get them to want to move or be evicted. I’m at my wits end though. I really don’t know how the people who actually live in that building deal with their constant cigarette smells, the beer spills everywhere, and the bottles they leave strewn around. What can I do?


11 thoughts on “In Pursuit of Trashyness

  1. I wonder what would happen if you reported know take pics and stuff of what they have done…I say do stuff to them..spit on their ain’t your house..leave trash in front of their door LOL..then again that would be immature..but complaining might be your only option…so great…that’s just nasty though…smelling the litter box in front of folks EWWW

  2. Girl I live in the NYC , the dirty ass south bronx to boot and I wonder the same thing. Would you get up on your table and take a shit and then eat dinner there later. No so why would you disrespect where you live. What I have come to realize however, are the people that you encounter like this would do exactly what I just described. You really cant do anything. These types of people have no respect for themselves therefore they wont for others…if it gets too bad move. Try to mobilize enough residents to complain and see if you can get mamangaemnt to eveict them, if they want to live like they are in the screets then they should

  3. @honey-libra: I’ve thought so many times about going to their door and leaving all of my garbage in front of it and seeing what they would do. I think I will take some pictures of their situation, good idea!

    @creative: girl, I grew up in the south bx–the ‘jects to boot, so I know some kind of nasty. But this is just some off the wall disgusting trife mess! I’m thinking about getting a petition or something started to get management to listen.

  4. There were these people back in Buffalo, the Lococos, who lived in utter filth and it was featured on the news. I’m sure arrests were made and their kids were picked up by child services. Garbage bags everywhere, moldy food, feces (ugh!)…you name it, it was there. I’m sure there’s a health department or something you could report them to.

  5. Leave a note on their door signed by as many residents as you can call them on every nasty unnecesary thing they do, send copy to leasing office

  6. LMAO! Tasha.. you crack me up!

    That’s so fowl. I has this nasty ass neighbor that had roaches and they used to venture their way into everybody elses spot. We all banned together and got their nasty ass kicked out.

    When the apt. people came to clean out the apartment, they had months worth as old trash and a huge ass roach convention. We all had to leave our apts so that they could spray these strong ass chemicals.

    That shit should be illegal…

  7. GF-

    Love ya and all but you need to chill the f out.

    First the tourist rant, then the 495 rant, then this. Stop worrying about other people are doing and worry about what you’re doing.

    You can’t control others – only yourself – grow the f up you spoiled biach.

  8. (holding my ears)

    Nasty is Nasty is Nasty.

    People like that become invisible to me… we have had neighbors like that, and I am quick to let them know the level of disdain I hold for them.

  9. Hmm, anonymous thanks for the piece of advice. I don’t really give a damn about what people do as long as it doesn’t affect me…but when dirty people are all over the place affecting where I live, I care…when people are driving like retards and damn near killing me with their cars, I care…when tourists get in the way of me getting to work on time, I care.

    I’d appreciate it if you follow your own advice…don’t worry about what I’m writing and how I’m living and worry about your own shit.(Pardon my juvenile approach to this): This is my blog, not yours…so practice what you preach you derelict idiot and click the x if you don’t like it. And how about you let us know who you are…I don’t see you putting your thoughts and feelings on front street for the rest of the world to read.

    And about the spoiled part–if you only knew the struggles I’ve faced and what I’m going through now you’d shut your bitch ass up.

    @GF- We’ve decided to start a petition to try and get them evicted. That’s our best recourse at this time

  10. holla at the leasing office.. with a company to the head office of your management company..

    then threaten to move when your lease is up if they don’t do something about them.. they may just transfer you to another property of theirs that is compatible/better than where you live now.

  11. Thomas Jeffeson said,”There is an aristocracy among men. It’s chief components are talent and virtue.” (It was a man’s world back then) This is a matter of class. We Americans are a little unconfortable with the idea, but yes, there are low clas folks out there,. like your neighbors and Anonymous, and some high class folks like you, Tasha.

    So, what to do? My first impulse would be to talk to the neighbors respectfully (but maybe I would change my mind if I acutally saw them). How about getting friendly, and then finding out if they’re even aware of their affect on others? Some people are completely oblivious. If, on the the other hand, there is a kind of sportive malice in their behavior, I would suggest physical violence.

    Love ya

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