Stop The Madness Now!

When will shit like this stop?!

I refuse to believe that a bunch of COLLEGE students don’t see how throwing a party and dressing like this could be remotely considered unoffensive:

Two separate incidents at separate colleges, this time at Clemson University. Some kind of fraternity, Delta Iota Kappa (more like Dumbass Ignant Kids) threw this party as a Martin Luther King, Jr. day party/celebration. So when does dressing in blackface equate honoring a great man? Right, that’s exactly what I thought…it doesn’t!

There have been more parties like this being trickled throughout the media, so I guess maybe I shouldn’t be as shocked as I am. But I’m having a hard time getting past the statement that gets echoed each and everytime a party like this gets leaked or posted on Facebook, etc : “We really didn’t mean it to be offensive”. Riiiiiight, and your great great granddaddy didn’t see it as offensive either when he was buyin and selling negroes for sport. Riiiiight. Save that damn arguement for someone stupid enough to believe it.

I don’t know why the universities aren’t imposing harsher discipline on the people who participate in these parties. Seriously, how can I trust a University’s commitment to harmonious diversity and multiculturalism when they brush stuff like this under the rug. I dunno, maybe they thought that since they weren’t saying the N-word like Michael Richards, then no one would be mad. *Rolls Eyes*


17 thoughts on “Stop The Madness Now!

  1. stupid asses. and they really think this shit wouldnt get out. White kids at my school werent that damn dumb they knew they’d get a good ass kicking for pulling a stunt like this

    *goes off to kick first white girl I see**

  2. @ Tasha

    Good ol’ H2O i really shouldnt have been that surprised. And I really shouldnt be surprised when I am kicked out for slapping random guys either


    She pulled it off to me but I like Alicia anyway she seems so….real

    LOL Tash, we’ll be seat mates if we both got struck down *lol*

  3. They don’t see it as offensive because they don’t assocuiate anything honorable with bLACK PEOPPLE. The y only associate that which is stereotypical, wrong, outrageous, urban and juvenile with Black people and so they actually thingk parties like this are OK…they aren’;t absoleved of responsibility in my eyes. Unfortunatley thiese kids will become our younger generations hiring officers and people in managerial positions…

  4. Of course they meant it to be offensive. They are just showing their ignorance. If I were a black person on one of those campuses I would be writing up press releases and sending them everywhere!

  5. I tell ya once again people (them) find it ok to do what they do and we aren’t suppose to say anything. Bottom line is they knew what they were doing and didn’t really care to explain what they did until someone pointed it out…we are still going to be looked at for entertain purposes and that’s sad. They go to college to learn how to be corporate racists.

  6. Agree that these displays of ignorance are offensive but you can not expect universities to police this sort of activity (e.g. themed parties). Freedom of expression is an essential part of the US Constitution.

    Arguably, in almost every situation someone or some group will be offended in some way. It’s the maturity you exhibit that defines you.

  7. I think the reason that they are imposing harsher punishments is that A LOT of people in power don’t really see anything that wrong with it.

    Hey, the apple never falls that far from the tree. These ignorant kids learned it from somewhere.

    I went to one of the most liberal universities in the country and racism was alive and well there (in the middle of Manhattan), so I don’t doubt that it is the still running through the currents of schools in more socially conservative places.

  8. One of these parties happened at UMCP in 2003. Yeah, people protested and it was exposed for the big deal that it was… but then 1 week later, it was like it never happened. About 3 months later, the same fraternity had another party just like that…. “People who matter” think it’s funny, so there is really no reason to deal with it. I think some people thrive off of the attention, it doesn’t matter to them if it is negative. BOOOOO. It needs to stop.

  9. This sh** will go on from now until eternity. Unfortunately, you can’t change what’s in people’s hearts. The sad thing is, that they actually find this ignorant ass type of behavior to emulate due to our own actions.

    Still, I am not sure how we can approach this. I suppose being aware that the sh** is going on, and blogging and making others aware of it is a start.

  10. You don’t think they were using the N word that night? Giiii, I bet it was “My nigga” this, “sup’ nigga?” that all night long.

    I’ma just say “I’m sooo glad, I (went) to Howard U!/I’m sooooooo glad…..”

  11. I’m with Sista Toldja… so happy that I went to an HBCU

    Because had I seen some shit like this going down, I would’ve broke a foot breaking my foot off in somebody’s ass.

    These universities don’t care about things like this But let black students do somehing of the same caliber——->
    They would be kicked out of school and probably shown all over television networks nationwide to further scrutinize them.


  12. These people feel it’s okay to mock us because they’ve never known what it feels like to be discriminated against or stereotyped. These idiots think what they’re doing is okay because they’ve never experienced something like that.

    We all know Whites would be up in arms if we went around in “whiteface.”

    I wish there were more classes prohibiting prejudiced stupidity and promoting positive diversity and acceptance.

  13. Now what would happen if some non-white students got together and held a “double wide” party? You know, where everyone wore mullet wigs, sleeveless flannel shirts, and flip flops. Deck the halls in Confederate flags and NASCAR posters. Play country music and show “Deliverance” on wide-screen tv. Basically, what if they made fun of what some people refer to as Southern rural white culture? Would the “ghetto party” students get angry? They have to know that if they dish it out, are they also willing to take it?

  14. I am white. I am home all day. I work at night. I watch Springer and Maury. Springer is sad but Maury is pathetic.

    Please put your energy into getting this anti-black propaganda – The Maury Show – off of TV.

    For what it’s worth, I initially found this blog by googling “baby momma drama”.

  15. when white parents start raising their children with humanity and integrity is when it will stop.

    until then,
    their barnyard level spawn will keep thinking these kind of parties is fun.

    also — how i wish these kids could be shipped to Iraq. If they love their freedom so much, they should be willing to defend it.

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