Lotto Ladies

“Uhhhh, lemme get 5,11,17,20,29,37 Combo”

“Uhhh, gimme seven Double Doubler and six Money Storm scratch-offs”

Every morning, when I go into WaWa to get my coffee, there are these two little elderly women there who get the same lotto numbers and the same scratch-off tickets. Without fail, there they are–déja vu every morning. And don’t let one of their scratch-off games be sold out, they will get funky and loud.

“And WHEN is the new shipment coming in? Tuesday? Well them tickets better be here when I get here, cuz you know that’s my game”

Since we see each other most every morning, we’ve gotten the chance to have a number of conversations. This morning, I finally had to ask about their lotto luck.

Me: “Good Morning Ms. Ethel and Ms. Dorothy. If you don’t mind my asking, do you ever change up your lotto numbers or pick different scratch offs?”

Ms. Ethel: “Don’t be silly baby. I been pickin’ these here numbers since I played the numbers in the streets (whispers: ‘those be illegal numbers–you don’t know bout dat’) And I been playing these here scratch-offs since they came out”

Ms. Dorothy: “Chile, I been on these numbers cuz dey my kids’ and grandbabies’ birfdays”

Me: “Have you ever won?”

Ms. Dorothy: “I won ’bout $1000 back in 1997 and I win the $1 and $5 prizes on the scratch tickets all the time”

Ms. Ethel: “I won a few times, once I won some big money. Nothin like the millions, but enough to do some things in the house and take a big ol’ family vacation. It’s nice to get the money, but it’s more for the suspense. I don’t like to gamble big in Vegas and The Atlantic City so this is my habit. Some people smoke, I play lotto. I’m not sufferin and I’m not killin nobody.”

I’ve truly never heard a better explanation for that for why people spend so much money on lotto and the like. I can’t act like I’ve never gotten caught up on a winning spree of scratch-offs, but I’m not spending every last one of my hard-earned dollars on lotto paraphernalia. I see a lot of people spending their money on that stuff, when it would be better used for paying important things…I dunno, like rent, food, and all that good stuff, all because there’s a chance they could hit big. Of course though, not every lotto player is in dire straits like that. **But that could make for a great movie. Person spends the last $1 in their name, wins millions, saves humanity…I love it. (rolls eyes at the sarcasm)**

After hearing Ms. Ethel’s explanation though, I guess I look at the little lotto ladies differently. I guess all of us have bad habits, and that’s their vice. Works for me. I’ll see them tomorrow morning, and maybe just for the hell of it I’ll buy a $1 scratch-off. *fingers crossed!*


11 thoughts on “Lotto Ladies

  1. Older people love the lotto. They are always the only people you see winning the prizes. Lol. Also, it gives them something to do. They go out and get their lotto tickets. That counts as an event for them.

    I use to love scratch tickets when I was a kid. Loved them. I would always beg my mom for a scratch ticket when we went to the store.

  2. Scratch-off tickets are fun…I tend to have better luck with them. The most I got was $5 on one. Used it to buy a “cheappuccino” and junk from the gas station.

    But if I got $1000 like Ms. Dorothy I would’ve put that in the bank—stat!

  3. Awww gives em something to look forward to and she’s right ain’t nobody dying unless she’s running them over in hopes that the new shipment is on time LOL…I wonder how come WaWa doesn’t have the caramel steamer no more I use to love that

  4. I live in Massachussetts, where we deinstitutionalized a lot of folks back in the 70s and left ’em to fend for their own selves on the streets. Big lottery customers. You oughta see ’em in Dunkin’ Donuts, talkin’ loud to their peers about such and such a near-hit. Yeah, it’s great that they have something to look forward to. Anyone got a sarcasm emoticon I can use?

  5. Wawa?

    My firt job was the service desk in a supermarket and there was this old man that played the same numbers, his wife’s birthday, everyday. He won $500 a couple times. I don’t think lotto was a vice of his but more so something to get out of the house and do on a daily basis.

  6. One time a man in West Virginia won the Powerball jackpot with a ticket he bought with his last dollar. Not only that but he had just lost his job or something like that. That just sounded crazy but it was true. But his daughter died of a drug overdose and some other stuff happened, so it didn’t exactly work out too good.

  7. @Miz JJ- That sure does count as an event for them. They get dressed up for it and everything

    @Golden- If I had that extra $1000 it’d be in the bank with the quickness!

    @Honey-libra- That caramel steamer was my FAVORITE. I’ve been trying to find out if it’s going to make a return

    @Akilah- I hear you. I’ve seen some of the lotto players in Boston. They are no joke. *Hands you a sarcasm emoticon for future use*

    @Field- I think the ladies stake out WaWa’s just for lotto purposes. I hear their scratch offs have better winning odds than 7-11 *kidding*

    @Empty Heart- In college I worked at a convenience store for a while, and there were some people that didn’t even need to tell me their numbers anymore because they ALWAYS played the same ones.

    @Anon- That would be such a great Lifetime movie…but we’d have to make it a miniseries to include the drug OD I guess.

  8. I used to be addicted to scratch-offs. Real talk… I would get of work and go straight to the gas station and cop 5 or 6 of them and be scratching all those shits like crazy!

    I had that silver scratch off shit all over my car, jeans, and apartment. I was obsessed. I finally got annoyed by the silver scratch-off shavings and weaned myself off them.

    I used to get that lazed “look” in my eye when I didn’t get one. I’ve been clean now for one and a half years.

    : )

    Have a good weekend Tasha!

  9. yeah, I’d probably be scratchig too if it wasn’t for those silver shavings that f*ck all your good clothes!! I’m still addicted and the thing is I one ONCE – ONLY on the three mofo tickets I’m addicted to – till now, nothing … try again, but I just keep hoping I’ll win ‘the big one’ someday! who knows ..but you know you’re addicted when you don’t have a coin or keys and start using your fingernails .. that’s hood and pathetic – that’s me 😦

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