Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy “I’m not feeling this whole Cupid thing” Day! Normally I am ambivalent to this holiday, but so far today has shaped up to be pretty nice. The snow/ice storm sent us home from work early yesterday and gave us a snow day today, so I would have been happy with just the extra sleep.

Last night/this morning, around 3AM I got a knock on my door that scared the hell out of me. I was still up since I just knew this was going to be a bad storm and I’d have a snow day. I looked out the peephole and saw a female police officer who I recognized but I wasn’t sure where from. I opened the door a crack (yall know how we do, put the chain on the door then open it, lol) and she said, “Natasha. I’m Sargeant PoliceLady, we met the other day. I need to speak with you about PoliceBoy”

My heart did a nosedive to my feet. I was thinking everything that I probably shouldn’t have–ohmydamn, what if he got hurt or something worse–but I just stood there and waited for her to explain. I let her in the door and asked her what was going on. She told me that she needed me to come down to the station with her because something serious had happened to him. She told me to hurry, so I threw on my shoes, did my hair real quick and we were gone down toward the station in her cruiser.

We spent most of the trip in silence, with me halfway in tears worried. But as we were getting toward the station, she turned in a different direction. I asked her where she was taking me and she said to calm down. We parked in front of a house and she told me to go inside and I’d see what was going on.

I did as I was told because I’m not trying to make the police mad, but I had some strange feeling that I was being punked. I walked inside and heard jazz music and there were candles on either side of the hallway leading into the kitchen. PoliceBoy was in there, sitting at the table with a huge breakfast-type meal that he made. I guess my face said it all because he came over and gave me a big hug and asked me if I was okay. In my relief, shock, and delight I nodded my head yes and he told me “Happy Valentine’s Day policegirl (yeah, he calls me that–shush!)” and gave me a card and two dozen roses.

I found out that the house we were in is his sargeant’s house, and they’ve been plotting this for a week now. That’s by far the best Valentine’s Day surprise I’ve ever gotten. I’m going to take him out to dinner tonight, and hopefully my surprise for him will unfold the way I planned.

I hope everyone’s having a lovely V-day or at least enjoying the snow day that you probably got.


12 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. For real for real, that was hot to death. I tip my hat to that gentleman; and you, my dear lady, can only best that by bumping uglies with that man. Enjoy!

  2. @GF- I know! I really thought I was in for some extra bad news.

    @I’m not star jones- It was too cute!

    @slaphappy gemini- thanks 🙂 It was definitely a pleasant surprise

  3. Very cool. Very romantic. But as a “PoliceBoy” myself, if I ever did that to my wife, she’d have my “bullets!”

    Happy Valentine’s day!

  4. Awwww that was toooooo cute. After he gave me that hug I would have mollywhopped dude and told him “Don’t be scaring me like that!”

  5. Oh how sweet. All that effort and planning says a lot. I hope things continue along this path for you and him. My fingers are crossed.

  6. All the effort and planning is sweet. I would have needed a few minutes to calm down though. My mind always goes to the worst. I would probably have needed my inhaler.

  7. uh… i didn’t think that was sweet. i’m scared to have a man in the military or as a policeman b/c of 3am knocks on the door. the end is nice, sure, but the means…NOT COOL!

  8. Wow Tasha! As a “police daughter”, I’m scared as hell of getting that call. But, since it was in the pursuit of a well-planned surprise, PoliceBoy is forgiven. Cool points for PB.

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