Fast Food Nation, Tyson’s Corner Style

Just how many people does it take to run a McDonald’s drive through at lunch time?

I’m still trying to figure out the answer to this question. I was starving and didn’t want to eat lunch at the onsite nasty wannabe carryout, so I took a trip to the Golden Arches near my job in Vienna, just by Tyson’s Corner Mall, and I was simply confused by the goings-on at the drive-thru. Instead of talking to the speakerbox like normal, there were three people walking up to the cars and taking orders before they got to the speakerbox order form thingy.

Ol’ girl came up to my car, asked what I wanted. I’m don’t eat at McDonald’s like that, so I need the aid of a menu, but this chick was not having it. So I had to order from my memory of the last time I was there. She was like “Ok, you pay cash or charge?”

Me: “Da Hell?? Cash.”

Then she wrote down the total on a little green slip of post-it paper and stuck it to my side mirror and told me to go to the first window. I was all kinds of confused with that because I didn’t see her enter anything into a computer or use a calculator to figure out my total, but I just drove around as I was told.

I drove around, and before I could even get to the window, I saw two females in their McDonald’s finest with change belts around their waists. One came up to my car, looked at the total written on the post-it on my mirror and asked me for my payment. I gave her my money and she made change from her bat-belt, took my post-it and sent me to the second window to get my food.

I got to the second window and someone inside handed me my food and drink, but standing just outside the window, there were two people–one handing out napkins, and one handing out condiments. I was so confused getting handed things by three different people, sadly none of whom seemed to be able to speak english (I’d said no ketchup repeatedly, but ended up with some in my hand anyway).

What happened to the days where you speak into the speakerbox, go to the window and pay, then grab your food and run? I remember a while back seeing a few McD’s with promises of having you out of their lunch drive-thru line in 90 seconds, but you still spoke into a speaker and all that. Seriously, I’m wondering if they mistakenly hired too many people during Christmastime, and didn’t have the gall to fire them all, so they made up shit for them to do. The extra people just made the drive thru experience slow and ass-backwards feeling.

Do any other McDonald’s do this mess? What’s the purpose?


10 thoughts on “Fast Food Nation, Tyson’s Corner Style

  1. lol. your post just made my week.

    it’s like you were at a car-wash or something. i know sometimes when the speakerbox is broke, they’ll have somebody stand out there by it and take your order, but in your case, it seems like they went to the next level. HA!

  2. LOL @ this post. I could have written it 5 years ago when I worked out in McLean and then later at the one in Crystal City. It’s a bit overwhelming. It does seem to speed the proces up, but I just felt rushed.

  3. That sounds rather confusing, I have never witnessed or experienced anything of that nature at a Macdonalds before. I must say thouhg that there service is getting worse by the minute, which i think is a bit backwards isn’t customer service supposed to improve. After my last experince at Macca’s drive thorugh I have sworn off them so Hungry Jacks will now have my loyal service

  4. Maybe the intercom wasn’t working but my ass would have simply put a sign up, ‘Drive Thru Out of Service, Bring Yo Ass Inside’

    I ain’t had McDonald’s in a long ass time… bout to relapse.

  5. That’s hilarious! Sounds like they’re preparing for an exchange program with a McyD’s somewhere in the world without electricity!

  6. Same thing here. Except they have this one sad worker standing in the heat taking orders on her palm pilot and directing traffic. She looked so pitiful and HOT (I live in Florida) that I wanted to buy her a cup of water… sigh. If I wasn’t jonesing for their fries I would have left.

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