Random Randoms

And these are the things that cross my mind…

~It’s funny how we complain about being bored at work, but the minute we get a bunch of work to do, we complain about being to busy

~Chinese food restaurants shouldn’t be in business to sell “Chicken Fried Collard Greens”. No. As a matter of fact, Hell Naw!

~I love how we are now

~How did N.ike come up with the swoosh symbol?

~I’m getting too used to functioning on little sleep again

~I think I’m being stalked by Jehov.ah’s Witnesses. They keep leaving reading material at my door

~Under.Armour is the best stuff ever to work out in

~Can hip-hop go back to it’s glory days?

~I’ve been feenin for real White Castle and Nathan’s

~I can’t believe that fool was serious asking me for a Playstation 3 and got mad when I told him no. Family can be on some other stuff

~These people at work think I’m letting them get away with the okie doke. I can’t wait till next week to give them their reviews

~I’m glad she felt comfortable enough to talk to me. Poor youngin

~I can’t believe I’m going to be working, grad schooling it, and trying to do EMT school all at the same time

~I’m so excited the bestest is engaged!

~Don’t ever eat suhsi and drink vodka and sake during the same meal. Trust me. Ol’ boy gonna be feelin that for a while

~I’m not a sellout because I like rock music as much as I do hip hop and reggae

~Can you please explain to me how I sound white when I talk? How does that sound really? Yeah, I form complete sentences muhfugga, lol.

~She needs to stop being worried about that drama and focus on her child

~Vacation is calling me–only 6 more weeks.

~I’m ready to get another tattoo

~Now having kids doesn’t sound like such a terrible thing. Ohmygoodness, I can’t believe I’m saying that

~Gasoline is really the same no matter where you buy it, so why in Montgomery County, Fairfax County, etc is it so damn expensive compared to say…Laurel??

~Is it now the cool thing to tell people just how bougie you are?

~You asked me if you could borrow $20 last week, now you just bought a car?? Where is my money heffa!?

~My cat is turning slowly into Garfield. Maybe there’s a feline gym or something?

~It’s about damn time that Brother and I start getting along

~What does the K in K-Mart stand for

~I guess I should send out the evites for my bday party

~Birthday Countdown: 8 days


9 thoughts on “Random Randoms

  1. I think I’m being stalked by Jehov.ah’s Witnesses. They keep leaving reading material at my door

    I think they wiped me off their list when they came to my house one morning with their kids. I straight up told them I was busy having pre-marital sex and to never come back. Heh.

    Someone borrowed $20 off you and then bought a car? That car is going to repo’ed any day now. Lol.

  2. Chicken Fried Collard Greens?! Are you serious WOW…..

    Why did I just talk about the sounding white on someone’s blog a few second ago

    How did they come up with Wal-Mart I mean why not call it Wally World like we’ve begun to call it

    On top of that why call it Target and not Tar’get LOL..aight I’m done

    I love how “we” are right now too LOL

  3. I could go for White Castle now, too. The closest I’ve had to those were the frozen ones at the store. I have yet to have the real deal.

    There’s just something about those little burgers… 😀

  4. ~I’m not a sellout because I like rock music as much as I do hip hop and reggae

    This commen always gets me, cause black people are the pioneers of rock music. How did it transpire into being owned by white people? Crazy…

  5. vodka and sake??!!?!? ouch!

    i’m trying to get my first tatt and don’t know what to get.

    i was wondering the same thing about gas today. bastard companies.

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