The song goes… “Life is filled with swift transitions”, I can’t say I don’t understand that. I’m on a mission to get myself out of this miserable location I call a job. On top of the drama that’s already going on, my boss decided to get postal and gangsta on me and lose his mind in his way of speaking. I’ve checked him on it previously in a professional way, and I’ve even tried coming out the side of my neck “ghetto bird style”, and each time he’d calm down for a few days then act like he had some home training.

Today was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. It takes a lot for me to get angry. Sure I’ll get irritated, but angry is different. Anyway, I’m officially convinced this man is missing some life lessons. I’m not going to go into our arguement, but it came down to him calling me a little girl and essentially insulting my mother, all because I caught an error of his and brought it to his attention. I can take whatever professional insult you’ve got for me, but when you make shit personal…yeah we’ve got issues.

I checked him in the best way I could without leaning over his desk to choke him, walked back to my office and let out a few tears in frustration, then marched myself right on down to human resources and put in a formal complaint. This is the man’s 7th formal complaint, but they won’t get rid of him, because during his tenure, revenue has gone up. Never mind that he’s seen the WORST turnover in the company’s history. Most people under him barely last 6 months. If they last a year, that’s saying something.

I’m investigating other opportunities in the company, but I don’t want this commute anymore. I’m off on Wednesday to chill on my b-day, but instead I’ll be hitting up 3 interviews. Pray for me yall…


11 thoughts on “Transitions…

  1. I’ll pray for you, but be careful talking trash about him on your blog if you are doing it at work….trust me. I got busted for sending an email to a friend of mine (trash talk) years before blogs even became hip. It wasn’t a pretty confrontation.

    I hope things work out.

  2. I have a boss at my second that made me want to slap the shit out of her the first time I worked with her. I came so close the wiping that itchs butt. I hate when someone talks down to me, that chick made my blood boil.

  3. That is such a tough situation when people disrespect you like that. I hope you can find a new opportunity away from that toxic man. I can not believe he has seven complaints and they have done nothing about it. You should let HR know that there are other avenues that you and the other people could pursue.

  4. In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirt. Amen.

    Lord, bless our sister Tasha as she goes through a difficult time. Strngthen her heart and mind, so that she can get through the job-hunting process and come out whole and successful.

    Open the minds of those she will meet with, that they will see her intelligence, vitality, and true worth as an employee. Give then the ability to understand the added value that she will bring to whatever workplace she inhabits.

    We ask these things in the name of him who gave Himself for us: Jesus Christ, our Lord.


  5. I never could understand how these raggedy fools become supervisors, but never get called on their ridiculous behavior.

    Good luck in finding peace and a better job.

  6. good luck with your new efforts tasha and don’t let this stress get you down.

    the blogosphere is on your side ๐Ÿ™‚

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