Happy Birthday…

Yay, it’s my birthday and I’m one year closer to being able to apply for Medicare. Seriously though, so far it’s been a good morning. My mom called me at 3AM and sang the most horrendous version of Happy Birthday ever, but it was sweet.

At 7AM, some chick dressed in a pig costume came to my door and gave me breakfast and sang me happy birthday again. I think it’s called a “sing a gram”. The card says she was dressed like that since I was born in the year of the pig/boar according to Chinese astrology. Kinda nice, I guess my mom and Hunny put that one together.

Me and the girls are meeting up for lunch, then I’ll be on my way to my three back-to-back job interviews. Thank goodness they’re all in the same area! I’m hoping someone will realize it’s my birthday and just offer me a job on the spot–now that would be a nice gift.

After that, hunny’s taking me somewhere but he won’t say what we’re doing. All he told me is to make sure I bring a pair of tennis shoes. Him and his surprises, mygoodness! I’m hoping he hasn’t forgotten that I’m not military nor am I a cop, so having me run through obstacle courses is not cute and would be considered a very bad gift, lol.

Thank you Lord for letting me see another year!


14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday…

  1. In my best Keyshia Cole voice…Happy Birthday to youuuuu!
    That sing-a-gram was such a cute idea! Can’t wait to hear about your surprise πŸ™‚




    I hope you have had a great one up to this point and I hope the rest of the day is even better!

    I hope one of those jobs came through for you, and if not today, then hopefully one of them will call you back haste post haste!

  4. happy birthday!!!! i love bdays. obstacle course?!! yikes! have you ever done those trust/teamwork exercises they make you do on leadership retreats? can we do this somewhere its not hot and dirty please? ew.

    lmao @the singa gram. how odd. i didn’t know those were real. i’ve only ever seen them on tv.

  5. Happy Birthday!

    I hope the job interviews went well. I hate interviewing. Good luck!! I also hope that Hunny’s surprise is fun.

  6. Wow, it seems like only yesterday he was Police Boy and now he’s Hunny?!?! It’s been kinda cool watching your relationship grow, but you gotta tell me where in the Heck are you going and meeting quality men? And be specific!

    Happy Birthday!!!! And thank you for mentioning Wawa a few weeks ago. I am obsessed with Wawa, and I went to their website I found the one on Baltimore Ave! Ten minute drive for the milkshake machine, no problem! I’m hooked!!!

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