Happy Moms Day

I had this long post written about my mama and just how much she means to me, but somehow I managed to delete all of it. So rather than try to re-create it, I’ll keep it simple and say that my mom has become my best friend over the years. I did some stuff in my teens that warranted her ending my life, but she stuck through it and made sure we ended up okay. She sacrificed so much without complaint to raise my brother and I, and I can only hope that when I produce some offspring of my own I’m able to handle things with the same kind of grace, dignity,humour, and humility. Yeah, I’m a mama’s girl and I ain’t shamed, lol!

Hunny and I are going up to NY tonight to see her and surprise her with tickets to see “The Color Purple” and “Radio Golf” (the new August Wilson play) on Broadway. We’re coming back down here on Sunday extra-early AM to surprise his mom with the same gifts. We got the tickets so the moms can go to the shows together. Hopefully we can manage to squeeze some sleep in there too, since we’re still not quite settled from the move.

I got a mother’s day card in the mail yesterday from our puppy and kitten (I guess that was Hunny’s doing). They signed with their little paw prints, awww! It’s nice to see that he recognizes the not-nearly-as-difficult-as-raising-real-kids work that goes into raising a puppy and kitten, lol.

I hope all of you Mothers and Mr. Moms have a blessed, joyous weekend! Happy Mothers Day!!


6 thoughts on “Happy Moms Day

  1. Awwwww you got a card from the pets. Cute!

    Ummm I am not you or Hunny’s momma but yall can bring a ticket to the Color Purple this way! LOL

    Make sure to get some sleep chicka!

  2. Wow- My mom and mother-in-law would kill each other (or similar) if they were in the same room for at the same time (alone with each other) for more than 30 minutes.

    Your mom (and future mother-in-law) going to see shows, together?

    God Bless. I really hope your mom and your Hunny’s mom are simpatico. This could either be a wonderful thing or the beginning of a melt-down that trickles its way down to you and Hunny. I am not that brave.

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