Ask Me

I thought I’d share parts of some of the emails (and my responses) that I’ve gotten from people who read my blog…

Hi Ms. La Bella, are you related to Patti? Please let me know cos if you are I want you to sign an autograph ok

Umm. No. I’m not related to Patti. But I really want to know why you’d want an autograph from a celebrity’s relative. That’s really borderline.

I miss reading about your run ins with sketchy men. Do they still happen often?

I always attract sketchball men in the grocery store, at the gym, at the mall–damn near everywhere I go. That’s just the way it is. I’ve been collecting stories and pictures to share.

How has it been living with Hunny so far?

Both of us are still alive and we haven’t broken up. That’s all I have to say about that. *kidding, we’re actually doing just fine*

You really should stop talking about your co-workers on your blog. I’m sure they are nice people. It’s really not nice to talk about people. That’s probably why they talk about you because you talk about them.

Back up, soldier. Do you work with me? Are you that girl who sits three cubes up and to the left from me? Cuz I really am not a fan of yours.

You don’t do as much reflection as when you started. Why not?

Dammit man, there are only 24 hours in a day. I’m at work/commuting to work/commuting home for 12 of those hours. When I get home, I’m tired and dont always feel like waxing philosophical. I’ve got a lot of opinions, and you’ll see them in time.

Who is your current celebrity crush?

Ahem, umm….Idris Elba. Need I say any more, ladies??

What is currently on your Ipod?

A lil bit of everything from rock to reggae. You might could even find some country on that mugg. *shhhh*, lol

Who are your heroes and why?

This requires a long answer, so I’ll save that for a post some day

I need some advice. It seems like you and your boyfriend have a good thing going, so maybe you can help me find the same thing. Everytime I get into a relationship, the guy starts getting funny around 3 months and then jumps ship shortly after. And it seems like the good, decent men either don’t want me or they’re gay. What’s going on with that? I just want to be in a relationship.

Ok, see. That’s your problem right there– “I just want to be in a relationship”. Whatever happened to wanting to get to know someone and have someone love you for you and vice versa? Personally, I’d much rather be alone than bunned up with someone I’m not compatible with just for the sake of being able to say that I have a man. Trust me, being single is not a death sentence…it’s as much fun as you make it. Truthfully, being in a relationship can get a lil boring at times (but you didn’t hear that from me, ok)

Also, you say all these dudes jump ship at 3 months. Have you considered that it might not be the men who start acting funny, but you? If you’ve dated a bunch of different types of people and most of the relationships end the same way, sweetie, the common denominator in those situations is you. Of course, there are some triflin azz men out there, but if you’ve been in relationship after relationship, chances are they weren’t all bad.

They don’t want you? Well, ask yourself this…if you were a dude, would you want to date you? Looks aren’t everything, so don’t think that if you’re a size 14 you need to be a size 4 to get a man. But outside of that, are you enjoyable to be around or are you always complaining about something or the other? What qualities do you bring to the table? Do you know how to treat a man or do you nag at him all the time? If any of these questions illicit a response to the effect of “I ain’t doing isht for no man” or “Aint no man good enough…” then you’ve proven my point. Nuff said.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

You mean how many do I keep in my home or how many do I own (stashed at my home, my mama’s house and storage)?? You really don’t want to know.

Is your job really that bad?

Yup. But my eyes are open wider than a runaway slave’s


3 thoughts on “Ask Me

  1. CTFU @ someone wanting an autograph from Patti’s potential relative…

    Idris Elba….yum-yum

    Don’t feel about liking country music….The Dixie Chicks “FLY” cd stays in my car with me.

  2. I like the “Ask Me” feature. Hilarious stuff. I still am shaking my head over the “are you related to Patti LaBelle and can I get your autograph?” one. Fans are weird as hell.

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