Overnight Celebrity

Yesterday afternoon, I was at the gas station and some young chick–about 16 years old–ran up to me and said, “Are you really La Bella Noire?” I was taken for a loop, but told her I was and she got all excited. “I hope your toes are better and I hope your job isn’t so ghetto anymore”, she said. I asked her where she knew me from and she said she saw my picture on one of my friend’s Fac.e.book albums, then tracked me down to my blog from there.

I didn’t know if I should be flattered or scared for my life. I know I’ve recognized people that I thought I saw online, but I never went up to them and invaded their personal bubble. And I’ve never staked someone out from a site like Mys.p.ace or F.ac.e.book to their blog and been proud of it. D said I should take down my pics and close my F.ac.ebook account because of this incident, but I’m not about to rearrange my life because of some kid.

But now I wonder, have any of yall ever run into someone from the internet? I don’t mean someone you met on a dating site either–I mean you read their website or something and see them in person. Hmmm….?


15 thoughts on “Overnight Celebrity

  1. Damn lol I probably would have gotten shook and took everything I had on the Web down.

    I remember walking through the mall a few years back and saw this dude that had sent me a message on Blackplanet. I did a double take and kept walking.

  2. Lucky for me the only people I’ve seen in person from the net had made prior arrangements with me to do so. Whew!

  3. Umm wow…you could take the pics down but maybe what you are saying on here could save someone..I guess it’s a personal preference

  4. I’ve seen people in person that are on the web (don’t worry I didn’t tell the girl to run up on you at the gas station!) but I never run up on them. I just say oh, that looks like such and such and move on. But to a 16 year old – you’re a superstar. The funny sh*t is if she’s reading this now!!!!!

  5. @ Modern- I’ve seen Blackplanet people as well, and somehow they never look as good in person!

    @ Ladynay- Be happy about that!

    @ Honey- I’m not taking the pics down. I can only hope the stuff I say on here can help someone, Lord knows it’s been some release therapy for me.

    @ Fresh- Damn! I didn’t even think that the girl would be reading this. Ooops!

  6. I met Aparna from Don’t Know Better when I went to audition for an improv troupe. Really nice and hilarious girl.

    I guess seeing the people (the good, the bad, and the downright evil and obnoxious) from the various Duran Duran message boards I frequent at the Chekhov’s Wig concert and the actual Duran Duran concert last week in NYC sort of counts. Some of them read my blog and were using it against me. Part of the reason (but not the full reason) why I went private.

  7. i haven’t been approached by too many stranger concerning myspace or my blog. kids don’t think anything of it though.

  8. For a moment it kept on happening, but it didn’t shake me or anything. A few times I have arranged a meeting or two and other times it just happens.

  9. She was positive. You can take that away from your encounter. However, if she can find your rants about work your co-workers could too. Maybe just take down you pic on your blog?

  10. That has never happened to me. Or never seen anyone who I recognized from the internet.

    I’m just know reading about your engagement…CONGRATULATIONS!

  11. Never happened to me–or atleast, not yet.

    I doubt she (the kid) will be any harm. Once she don’t role up on you on a regular lol then it’s all good.

  12. Yes, I ran into a Baltimore blogger and I started to say something since he visits my blog but I changed my mind.

    At one point I thought about putting my pic on my blog but changed my mind.

    Just look at the little girl like the fan she is.

  13. Hasn’t happen to me *without prior arrangements*

    I’m on the fence..on one hand I would be flattered but on the other hand…how often do she look at your picture to know you by sight? Hell I can barely point out a family member in a line up let alone anyone else

    Dont close FB though…how else can I save you as a friend 🙂

  14. I have run into people who read my blog a twice without prior arrangement… bot times were at Disney World… on different vacations.

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