Fake the Funk Friday

It’s Friday, and I’ll be at work fakin the funk pretending to be working like a field slave. As soon as I get out of work, D and I are on the road. I’m dragging him to NY to see my mom and to get my braids re-done. I’d get them done in DC, but the only recommendation people give is “The Africans on Georgia Ave”. There are 900 different braid places on this one road alone, I need more specifics like maybe the address or how bout a phone number!? But I digress.

It’ll be nice to go home for a little while and see some of my people that I haven’t seen since Christmas and maybe hit up a cookout or two. The weather today seems great for travelling and BBQ, so I dug up DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince/Will Smith’s “Summertime”:

Happy Friday, have a great weekend!


11 thoughts on “Fake the Funk Friday

  1. LOL… there are a bimillion braid place here too…dag. I want my hair braided since I didn’t manage to get it locked. Well have a wonderful road trip and weekend lady.

  2. You guys have a great weekend! A friend of mine went to one of those African braiding parlors (not Georgia Ave) and had a horrific experience…for her…I was laughing my ass off!!! You are probably doing the right thing! Have fun and be safe!

  3. LOL @ “I’ll be at work fakin the funk pretending to be working like a field slave”–girl you too?

    I’m sure you’ll find some place to hook ya hair da hell up in NY. Hope you enjoy the weekend!! 😀

  4. Oh Tasha I haven’t been over here in a dogs age you going to NY this weekend and I am going to Muryland. Have fun and have a few dranks for me

  5. Ms. Claudette’s Hair braiding on New Hampshire Ave. It’s in PG but near the DC line. The near the intersection of New Hamp and University near an IHOP.

  6. Hope you are having fun up here in my city. I had to work today (Saturday) so I’m just torturing myself looking out of the window.

  7. In New York the Afican women go hard, they be on the cornor recruiting folks to get their hair done.

    P.S. Make them take it easy on your edges.

  8. love that your friday flashbacks! i heard that will smith is going to be at the helm of a sammy davis jnr biopic. i’m sure it will be great!

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