Public Service Announcement

The following is a public service announcement. It may or may not apply to you.

Disciplining your children is the right thing to do. I don’t care what method of discipline you use (just don’t beat up on the kids please), but make sure it is effective and you do it consistently.

Some of your children may as well have been extras in “The Children of the Corn”. Does the name Damien mean anything to you? Yes, your children. Your adorable little progeny can make Satan himself say “damn, you got some bad azz kids”.

There was no need for little Billy to be rummaging around in my shopping cart at the grocery store yesterday. When I asked him to stop, he looked at me like I was a mosquito annoying him. He’s too young to be able to give that look to people. Then he had the nerve to take MY stuff out of MY cart and put it on the floor. I got rude then, and he just looked at me like “ok, aaannndd?”. That’s not cute, people. His azz needs some kind of discipline. When I was that age, my mother had put the fear of God and grown people in my heart so when I did something f**ked up and a grown person gave me that look, it was over. Little Tasha acted right. That’s what proper discipline does. Remember, you’re his parents, not his playdates.

A few weeks ago, at the mall, your wonderful kind hearted teenage daughter, Emily (I saw her name on her shirt), got in my way and I said “excuse me”. She really shouldn’t have said “Bitch, who you talkin’ to like that? I’m not moving”. I know, she’s exerting her independence by saying that, right? Is that what your little psychology “how to raise your kids” book says? Look, I don’t give a damn about a book. A rusty azz teenager should know by now that you don’t talk to adult people like that. After all, we sign her lil measly paycheck from that part-time job you let her get. If you’d disciplined her azz instead of trying to be her best gotdamned friend her whole life, I wouldn’t be telling you this right now. And maybe she wouldn’t be driving your car without your permission right now. Yeah, I overheard her talking to her friends about that.

Oh, and don’t forget your super college graduate son, Steven. He’s older than me and is moving back home because he didn’t feel like finding a job after graduation and he thinks his landlord is mad at him. He borrowed your Benz and totalled it when he got behind the wheel after a few too many Martinis, but he didn’t say sorry. I know you think that he was too shocked to show any remorse, but he really doesn’t give a damn because he knows that he will face no repercussions from you. Oh, and he also killed my childhood best friend in that crash. I know it might seem like he’s so torn up, but he was laughing at her funeral because he knew that he was going to happy hour that night. You’d make sure to protect him from any legal troubles. After all, that’s your boy, and what does discipline have to do with anything right?

Allow me to end my PSA with this: Discipline your kids, or I might have to. I don’t have a problem cussing your dear darling children out and telling them about themselves. Nor do I have a problem embarassing a grown azz man who had no boundaries growing up. Oh, and tell little Billy if he puts his lil fat fingers in my shopping cart again that Christmas will be cancelled.

**Lawd, kids irritate the hell out of me sometimes!**


14 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. This PSA should be on TV. Great post.

    I’m sorry about your friend. Was this recent? Is she the one from a previous post? OMG

    These damned kids are living with no bounderies. My nephew (he’s 17) lives in Savannah, but my sister lives in ATL. When my dad passed last month, that little nikka (oops the “n” word) didn’t even bother coming to the funeral. My sister didn’t even flinch eventhough she sent him enough money to either fly or catch a bus to NC. That was his grandfather! He hasn’t called or anything since. Does my sister or anyone else care? Of course not! Were there any repercussions? Of course not! If it was up to me, that nikka would have had no choice. His a$$ would have had a popo escort to the bus station. When I said that to the family, they looked at me like I lost my damn mind.

    Sorry for the long comment, but after reading your post, I had to vent.

  2. Now see, you good because I would have been whippin ass all over the grocery store. And for little Ghetto Queen, if you grown enough to look or talk to an adult that way….Damnit you grown enough to take a good ass beat down.

    10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…..had to count girl. You let one of my 3 girls try something like that,I’ll be up under the South Carolina Jail.

  3. The first two were funny. Especially Emily. What is wrong with people? You just know she talks to her mom that way, which is why she thinks she can talk to you that way.

    The last one not so much. He had the never to even show up at the funeral and then he laughed? Nobody kicked his ass?? Why hasn’t he been charged with vehicular homicide. I am very sensitive to drunk driving. I lost a very close family friend that way. He needs bad things to happen to him. A lot of bad things.

  4. I’ll be there to film this PSA soon. We’ll get this on TV in mere weeks.

    Get that hair did, I’m on my way.

  5. Girl….you betta tell it LOL.

    BTW, For those of you who might feel threatened by this PSA—it’s likely your children or a child you might actually know who are the ones this post refers LMAO.

  6. WOW..I would have smacked that lil boy who dug in my cart and then walked on away or put stuff in his momma cart when she wasn’t lookin..yea it’s childish but I do things like that sometimes LOL

  7. @ Miz JJ- The accident was about a year ago. He showed up at the funeral because he knew her family, and his parents wanted him to be there to “see the reality of the situation”. He’s been charged with vehicular homicide and is currently awaiting trial.

  8. Thanks for filling me in. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. I know it will not make it better and I am not usually vengeful, but I hope he goes to prison for a long, long time.

  9. You should have ran over that little kid with your cart. I’m nice and all to kids initially especially since I’m a parent. I try to give the benefit of the doubt but after a while, if the situation calls for it, I will take discipline into my own hands. Obviously the parents aren’t doing it.

  10. I’m feeling your PSA, it’s right on point. That reminds me of the day I came home and this teenage girl who lives up the street was cussing up a storm. She’s not a kid that I really know, but I’ve lived in the area for over two years and I see her and the rest of her tribe hanging out in front of their house. So, I did my best Daddy voice and said “Girl Stop All That Cussing” — well you would have thought I was Mr. Charlie who slapped her momma, because the words she used with me were worse than the ones I tried to stop her from using. After her little bad azz got through cussing me out I realized saying anything further would have just have made her act more ign’nt. Talk about bad home training.

  11. ok LOL @ the Bill story. You should have ran him over with you cart, snatched back you stuff and acted like nothing happened.

    and the story about you friend. I’m disgusted that drunk driver would laugh at a funeral. That is past disrespect. God Don’t Sleep!

  12. Parents need to stop being afraid of their kids/being their kids’ friends and start disciplining their asses.

    I am sick of getting into it with these bad-ass kids at Metro and out and about because their parents don’t know how to raise them to respect adults.

    I honestly think people should take a test before having kids, something similar to the driver’s permit test.

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