Friday Flashback

It’s Friday and Payday! YAY!! I’m trying to figure out what happened to these boys. It’s Another Bad Creation’s “Iesha”:

What are you up to this weekend? My parents are coming to visit, so I’ll be chilling with them. It’ll be the first time my step dad has seen me and D’s place, so I’m kind of excited or something like that. Whatever you do, have fun and be blessed!


9 thoughts on “Friday Flashback

  1. I’ll be joining family for my parents anniversary dinner as well as my sisters birthday dinner. 🙂

    Then…on sunday, I’ll be chillin like a villain, woohoo!

    …and today….well, today I’m playing hooky! LMAO
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. IIIEEEESSHHHAAA!!! You are the girl that I never had, and I want to get to know you better….

    I used to love ABC…the youngest one Dave went to my high school.

  3. OMG!!!! [LOL] now that’s what I call a flashback.

    I’m supposed to be checking out Rush Hour 3 this weekend!!!

    Hope you have a great one 🙂

  4. Have a great weekend! My dad and one of my best friends are in town, so I’ll have plenty on my mind to distract myself from the fact I got fired from one of my jobs.

  5. Hope your weekend was a good one! I ended up going to this all white event- It was called black & brown in all white, Put on by Keybank and Cadillac, I got so blown back, that I had to leave my car downtown and get picked up by a friend, haven’t been that twisted in years! I then had a college grad party I rsvp’d for that I couldn’t quite pull it together enough to attend, so I had to decline.. Then Sun. had a b-day party to take the 6yr. old to, and later in the evening highschool orientation and picnic for my daughter.. I am THROUGH!

  6. I have a recent pic of them, I’m gonna email it to you. ROTFLMAO. They trying to come back! Two of them are still cuties though. My real name is Jamilah, and I used to always sing my name! LOL!

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