I been tagged by a bunch of folk, so here goes:

THE RULES: Elaborate on the (bold) words below…

Accent – Combo of a Bronx and Upstate NY accent. Some people say I sound like a white girl with a lil bit of soul, lol. When I get around my Jamaican family, you can tell I gots that island blood in me though.

I Don’t Drink – orange juice with pulp. Just no.

Chore I Hate – cleaning the bathroom, even though I love the end result.

Pets – Does D count?? Seriously though, my chocolate lab pup.

Essential Electronic – I need my computer and internet.

Perfume/Cologne – Donna Karan Cashmere Mist. I usually buy 3 big bottles at a time.

Gold or silver – Silver. D knew better than to come with anything other than silver or white gold. I will wear gold around Christmastime though–family tradition.

Insomnia – I used to suffer with it, but now I sleep like a brick and can fall asleep any.damn.where except behind the wheel

Job Title – Reimbursement Analyst, and my boss is better known as Massa

Most Admired Trait – Physical: my smile. Character/Personality: My sense of humor and patience

Kids – I would like 3 and D cosigns on it. We’ll see what happens in a few years

Religion – Raised Baptist, but I spend more time working on my personal relationship with God than I do participating in all the pomp and circumstance at church

Siblings – 1 brother, 2 half brothers, 10 step siblings

Time I wake up – 6:40 AM.

Unusual talent/skill – I can hold a pen and write with my right foot.

Vegetable I refuse to eat – turnips. I’ll eat turnip greens, but the actual turnip itself needs to stay in the ground.

Worst habit – I crack my knuckles, ankles, hips, toes, shoulders, and my back. I don’t know if it causes arthritis, but the noise drives people crazy

X-rays – More than I can count

My favorite meal – Prime rib cooked medium well with savory au jus, along with a baked potato with butter and sourcream and steamed veggies.

I’m tagging everyone on my blogroll who wants to play who hasn’t already done this.


5 thoughts on “Tagged!

  1. Orange juice with pulp should be banned!

    Someone cracking their neck drives me crazy. I can’t even look at someone cracking their neck.

  2. Ok, first of all…..You are CRAZY!!!

    Pets: D is gonna kick you for that! LOL

    Job Title: Damn, you work on the plantation too?

    Kids: Be careful what you ask for!

    Siblings: “10” step siblings? what the hell? LOL

  3. Yum @ your favorite meal. [Girl I just ate lunch and you got me salavating all over again]

    Err…ummm…I would be one of those who hates…hates…hates…the sound of cracking knuckles/bones.

    Wow…@ you can write with your right foot. [Actually, that’s kinda hot–LOL]

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