Grown Azz Boys

This morning D drove me to work and we stopped for coffee. Outside of the D.unkin D.onuts were a bunch of high school aged kids, mostly boys, who were apparently waiting for the school bus. While we were walking back to the car, one of them shouted at me, “Cutie, I wanna hit that” and then another, “Bruh, ya girl got a fat ass”. D was heated, but didn’t even honor their shouts with a response and I just gave them the ‘I’m old enough to be your mama, please act right’ look.

This kind of thing happens all too often, so I wasn’t surprised in any way. What I’m put off by though is the fact that they’ve been taught that acting that way is acceptable male behavior. Some where along the line they’ve been taught that being rude and extra forward to a woman is the definition of manhood. Sadly, I expect that type of behavior from somegrown men in their 20s and maybe early 30s, but I’m not sure when it became universally acceptable or sexy even. I’ve been approached by men of (virtually) all ages, and I’ve noticed that most of the older ones approach me and other women like they have some sense. They don’t say things like, “I wanna hit that” or other way off the wall stuff. It’s usally something more like, “Pardon me miss, you have a lovely smile. I’d love the chance to talk with you some more”.

Assuming that men teach their boys or that boys follow the examples of the men around them, how did these boys get the idea that “I wanna get in your jeans mama” works better than “Excuse me miss…”? Also, you don’t see too many older dudes disrespecting the man that a woman is out with, so why are the youngins doing it? You don’t see Willie the Catfish Fryer talking about, “Playa, I wanna get all up in your woman’s panty-drawers”. Don’t the kids know they could catch a few charges or fists to the face like that? You can try to blame their behavoir on hip hop videos, but the people in the videos had to get their ideas from somewhere also.

In the same breath, however you have to ask about the girls who actually respond to advances like that, they’re just as bad. Where are their mamas to tell them that when a man approaches you raunchy, he’ll continue to treat you that way?

Grown azz youngins, *sigh*. Look at me sounding like my mama–damn.


11 thoughts on “Grown Azz Boys

  1. I know what you mean sometimes I wanna shout back boo why would I even give you the time of day then I realize that if I respond I’m doing just that..I just nod my head and hope that they understand one day that yelling ey ma aint gonna get them no where but in a world of trouble

  2. This happens to me as well. You know what I do? I go up to them and asks which one was so brave to shout something to me when my back was turned? Who is it that’s dying for attention? Thats when they get the gas face and don’t wanna look you in ya eye. My thing is don’t disrespect me and I won’t disrespect me but I have no problem callin folks out on their bullshyt. I don’t care how old they are. Hmpf!

  3. I could be wrong, but I think a lot of it has to do with girls their age.

    Girls have become faster than boys these days, allowing these boys to do whatever with little to no effort from the boys at all. So now, these punks have the nerve to THINK they have enough swagger and experience to go after older women with the same approach that works on the young girls.

    I wish I would catch my nephew trying to holla at some grown ass woman or trying to tell her she has a phatty! hmmmph!

  4. Gosh, this story makes my blood pressure rise because a manish boy is a horrible thing. At least you guys didn’t engage in the antics. Things could have gotten ugly because if they were disrespectful enough to say that, who knows what else might have happened.

  5. I have experienced the youngins too many times yelling out at me as well. I think the discipline level in the children these days are seriously lacking. I agree with the comment before mine…it has to do with the girls their age being so fast as well. All they need is someone to pop them upside the head and teach them manners.

    Have a Blessed Wednesday!

  6. I think it has to do with the fact that they don’t have male role models to begin with so they’re getting their ‘manhood training’ from one another — the blind leading the blind. I cuz mofos out when they talk to me all crazy — I have no problem embarassing a fool.

    The thing is — they talk to so many girls & women like that in passing but you’ll notice that they never get a positive response (even from the ‘fast’ girls) — and frankly I don’t think that’s what they’re looking for. It’s just for kicks & giggles amongst their little ‘crew.’

  7. This happens to me often. Just last week I met up with my cousin at the high school she teaches at. I arrived right when they were changing classes. One boy said “look at that azz and thighs on her”.

    I’m with K, I think is more for kicks amongst their friends.

    And for the grown men if I hear one more “psssttt or hey” I’m pepper spraying somebody.

  8. What those little bastards need is a punch in the face.

    Please pardon my language. That sort of stuff really gets under my skin.

  9. It’s aggravating as hell and needs to stop. It doesn’t matter how old the recipients of the “girl, I wanna get wid dat” are—it’s tacky, period.

    There is a huge problem with the kids in DC—the boys think they can be as crass and vulgar towards women as they please and the girls are going around acting just as ignorant and crass. Someone really needs to step in and raise these BéBé’s Kids to start acting like they have home training!

    I think some of these boys are conditioned to act like this. I was walking down U one time a year or so ago and this teenage boy walks in my direction and says “Girl, can I get wit’chu?” Before I gave a snappy answer, the clown was halfway down the street. He never even stopped. Conditioned like a bunch of dirty dogs.

  10. “In the same breath, however you have to ask about the girls who actually respond to advances like that, they’re just as bad. Where are their mamas to tell them that when a man approaches you raunchy, he’ll continue to treat you that way?”

    Yeah- what the hell? Are there really females out there who respond positively to that kind of crap?

    But really, I used to get that type of thing 20 (*gasp* am I THAT old!?) years ago back in high school and college so it isn’t really new. Didn’t work then that I ever saw, does it actually work now?

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