Let Me Count the Ways

Sorry in advance for the sappiness of this post.

I got some news today, and it wasn’t good. *sigh* and *sigh* again, I’ll explain soon. I want to cry. I’ll make it through, but alone it would be even harder. All my trials, and the one I’m staring in the face, have been made easier cuz of him.

D, I stand by you, with you, and next to you because…

1)You love me better than anyone ever has
2)You make me want to be a better woman
3)You protect my body, soul, and spirit
4)You put GOD first in your world
5)You respect my womanhood
6)You support me during my struggles
7)You wipe my tears and cry with me
8)You know how I feel about something before I do
9)You make my morning right
10)When the world is harsh, you hold me gently

Thanks for holding me up over the last few weeks, when the stuff has been rough. Thanks for letting me know that I won’t have to do this alone.


6 thoughts on “Let Me Count the Ways

  1. Uh oh… I’m going to need tissue for my next post, aren’t I?

    I’m sorry to read that it’s not good news. You’re in my thoughts.

  2. DAMN…

    I hate bad news. On a lighter note, this was a beautiful post.

    Hold ya head sistah gurl. We’re praying for you!

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