Varsity Blues

Varsity means nothing. I repeat, Varsity means NOTHING when you are over the age of 21. Undergrad is gone, highschool is a vague memory.

See, I played varsity volleyball all through high school and for a while in college. I even played in one of those “I’m not a kid anymore” corporate leagues for a minute after I graduated. So you’d think that I have some skills, right? Riiight??

Well, I do. Umm, I did anyway. The only skills I’ve got right now are in IcyHot application and Advil poppin. Me and my “I played varsity” self decided that it would be fun to help my cousin for the evening coaching her daughter’s team. After the news I got, I needed a distraction. (I’ll get to explaining what happened when I manage to find the words) Not an overall bad decision, execpt for the fact that I wanted to participate with the players. *Ahem* Did I mention that I am NOT 16 anymore? To my own damn dismay, I pulled the serious ‘I’m getting old’ move and said, “lemme show yall what we did when I played on my HS team”. I really thought I was doing something until I felt some muscle I didn’t know existed in my leg stretch wrong. Immediate handicappage, proceed to fall to the ground. But *beats chest with fist* I played varsity, son. The kid can’t go out like that, so I jumped right back up and let the girls practice the move I’d just showed them on me. Just me on one side of the net. Six of them on the other side. Something we used to do in HS all the time. That’s how we got to be regional champs. I really knew this wasn’t smart, but *cough* I played varsity. I got skills.

They Whomp Whoooooooomp. Those girls had me looking like Sambo doing all this jumping and diving to get the ball over the net. I was so hurt, literally, that I decided to leave before practice was over. Nevermind that I just had a biopsy and was ORDERED to stay AWAY from intense physical activity. Bad decision making on my part, yeah yeah. But I think I was more hurt by the fact that I was sounding just like my older brother’s old HS football friends. I never understood why they just can’t let the dream die. Sure they got their varisy letter and the jacket, but professional football players they are not.

I hope this incident is not the beginning of the “you youngins don’t know about this here” or “whatchu know ’bout this dance”. Uggh. Jesus take the wheel and please don’t let me end up like that uncle who is always at someone’s wedding trying to outdance the kids.


4 thoughts on “Varsity Blues

  1. Gurl…NO YOU DIDN’T PULL ONE OF THOSE “lemme show yall what we did when I played on my HS team” moves [LOL]

    Don’tchu know it’ll do you in er’ry time!?!?

    Shew I learned my lesson a few years ago when I called myself teachin’ the youngins HOW “5..4..3..21” was supposed to be played.

    My legs ain’t been right since but shhh you ain’t hear that from me.

    Hope you’re having a MUCH BETTER DAY TODAY!! 🙂

  2. LOL

    I had a moment like that. I was showing my cousins I still could double dutch with the best of them. My knees were aching.

  3. hahaha! I guess you missed the memo too! LOL I had one of those moments Saturday and thought I was going to DIE come sunday! LOL

  4. hahahahaha!! when you get old, tho, here’s what you gotta do. learn the classy dances like the waltz and samba and show the kids up with that. it’ll be great.

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