Happy Birthday to Ya!!

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Today is D’s birthday, so it’s a party all day. I can hear Eddie Murphy singing now, “My girl wants to party alll the tiiiiiiimmmee….” (If you don’t know that song, be thankful)*shaking head*. Anyway, we’re going out with a bunch of our friends for dinner and drinks later on. He’s usually pretty mellow–even about birthdays, but he’s all hyped about going out tonight. A few of the people we’re going out with are all hyped and acting funny about tonight too…so I know something is up. We’ll see though. I got my digital camera back, so I’ll have photographic evidence to use in case I need to blackmail someone later, lol.

The rest of the weekend I’ll be out and about with my girl L, and then doing more wedding stuff. Sunday though, will be a study in bumology–me, the couch, football, and a beer or two. Just the way it’s supposed to be, lol. Just for the weekend, I hope to forget about cancer and ovaries and pain.

Anyway, it’s Friday. It’s Payday. It’s a great day. Hope yall have a good weekend. Stay blessed and fab.


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Ya!!

  1. Yeah, sounds suspicious to me too. Can’t wait to see the evidence. LOL

    Hope you have a good time and enjoy your weekend.

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