Life Caught Up

I’m stepping away from blogging until Monday cuz life finally caught up with me. I’m sick as a dog…home for the second day in a row (even though I have like zero sick time). Thanksgiving is this week, and because of my job not giving us Friday off (and not letting anyone have it off, period) I can’t go home. I’ll be spending the holiday with D’s family, which is great, but I’ve never not been home for this holiday. Same will happen for Christmas. Oh, and I have to go talk to another pathologist about this cancer mess cuz something apparently doesn’t look right.

I’m going through some thangs yall, pray for me. I’ll be back on Monday.

Have a blessed and happy Turkey Day!


17 thoughts on “Life Caught Up

  1. I pray for your health and that you receive nothing but good news from the pathologist.

    I pray that you have a very happy and blessed Turkey day.

  2. hey baby, just wrote to say i hope you get well soon

    at least you have a man there to wait on you hand in foot (hopefully)

    stop by sometime


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