Yeah yeah

I figured it was about time I got back to blogger, I kinda missed yall maybe just a little.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Turkey Day. I know I’m all late since it’s December now and all. Speaking of it being December, where the hell did the year go? I’m mad that I’ve been seeing commercials for “Best of 2007” specials and what not.

My Thanksgiving was good I guess. I had a sinus infection paired with an ear infection and a touch of bronchitis, so I was all stuffy and couldn’t taste a damn thing. I didn’t really have an appetite either cuz I was sneezing and huffin and puffin everydamnwhere. I hear the food was bangin though. Me and D spent the day with his family, and while I was sad that I couldn’t go home to see my parents, it was still cool. His family just accepts me like one of their own, and I never feel like an outsider so it was actually really nice. My only problem with the day was all the old people giving me their remedies for getting over the flu (they swore up and down that I had the flu even though I’d gone to the dr. the day before and was armed with 900 prescriptions). Those remedies were some real random ish too:

-Soak a brown paper bag in white vinegar, then put the bag on your forehead to draw out the fever. Ummm…the fugg is that really gonna do but make my head smell like a pot of old chittlins?

-Drink a mix of shaved ginger and lemon rind steeped in hot water with honey (not sugar). Ummm….why not just drink some lemon-herb tea?

-Put V.ick’s on the bottom of my feet, then put a pair of wool socks on and go to bed and wrap up tight. Ummm…the directions say to put the stuff on your chest. Feet don’t get congested.

-Drink a “white lightning” toddy. Ummmm….white lightning is moonshine. I don’t have a distillery in my backyard. I’ll add a lil blackberry brandy to my tea if I’m gonna be all alcoholic about this thankyouverymuch.

So I stuck with what the doctor gave me, and I’m feeling fine now except for a few sniffles. Great. The weekend before Thanksgiving, I took D up to NYC to see some fam and we played tourist and trolled around Times Square and Rockefeller Center. I thought D had been to Manhattan before, but he hadn’t…only to the Bronx. So he had a good time, and I think I was a pretty damn good tour guide. He loves the city just as much as I do, and we tossed around the idea of taking up my great aunt’s offer of taking over her brownstone and continuing to rent out a portion of the house and using the other portion as a weekend/getaway spot. She’s getting older, and wants to move upstate closer to my mom in about 5 years, so we might be able to do that but we’ll see. It’s nice to dream though, right?

The day after Thanksgiving, I made the decision to take a leave of absence from work. I get the latest pathology report tomorrow and I’m not really concerned because I know the result can’t be too far off from the first reports. I know my prognosis is still great. But I wanted to take some time to get me together physically, mentally, spiritually and all that, and also to get things situated with the wedding planning and house buying. D’s been encouraging me to take about a month or so off, but I wasn’t listening until my body basically shut down from being sick and stressed out. I’m glad I finally listened, and I must say it’s been a welcome change. I’ll be going back to work mid-January. I’m so surprised that I was able to get such an immediate approval, but I’m not complaining.

So that’s the short version of what’s been going on in my world. I’ve got so much blog reading to catch up on to see what everyone else has been getting into, so don’t be surprised if you get some random-azz late comments on some of your posts.


10 thoughts on “Yeah yeah

  1. Howdy!!! Welcome back Tasha!!! I’m glad to hear you and D had a good holiday. You should’ve told me about your cold. I would ‘ve sent a bottle of NC’s finest and a box of rock candy. Mix the two and that cold would have been gone the next morning. LOL

    About the LOA, shyyyt take two months, if you can. LOL

  2. I’m from SC and I know about the “white lightning” all too well. (my daddy makes it…shhhh)

    Here we call it rock candy. Tastes nasty but within a couple of hours you feel greeeaaattt

  3. gross @ old chitlins!! blackberry brandy is the bomb!! ummm “I kinda missed yall maybe just a little”??? we know you didn’t mean that!! lol

  4. Darn, many folks got ill over Turkey day! It reads as if you still made the best of it tho’

    The moonshine remedy works! I’ve done it and I swear I woke up the next day sweaty as heck but feeling GREAT! But yeah, unless you was living in the country back woods like I was you not going to have access to moonshine! LOL

  5. Don’t sleep on the old folks remedies! Yea they may be strange as hell (vinegar), but most of them do wonders for cold and flu. Too bad you had bronchitis though 😦
    On second thought, some apricot Lighting Jack just might have knocked you and your sickness out. Who knows *shrug*

    Glad to hear you are taking some time off from work. You know good and well those people would have driven you crazy around this time of year. Take care of yourself and Happy Holidays πŸ™‚

  6. I’m glad you are doing okay. And I am glad you are taking some time for yourself. But I wanted to know if you considered postponing the wedding until you can recover a bit. No need to have the stress of a wedding right now.

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