Foodie Foul-up

How do you go about telling someone that their food is messing up your flow? I don’t mean like sending me in a midnight search for an industrial-size bottle of Kaopectate or Pepto Bismol. I mean more like charring my nose hairs and destroying my appetite and my ability to smell.

While each unit in our building has its oiwn heating controls, I think all of our vents are connected. Over the last six weeks or so, at least once a day, there has been a beyond funktastic burning smell permeating every room of our place. The first few times I smelled it, I got my bloodhound on and started sniffing anything that might be burnt/on fire/used as a prop in “Backdraft”–stove, computer wires, surge protector, D in the bathroom. Nothing. So I opened the door and went in the hallway and smelled the most awful combination of fried what the fuck, lighter fluid, and charcoal dust.

I was nauseated, but I kept sniffing and figured out where it was coming from. Nasty non-cookin’ asses downstairs. Hmmph! But I was nice and let it go the first few times. “Trying out new recipes for Christmas”, I figured. Why couldn’t I have been right? It’s way past holiday cooking time, and the smell is just getting worse. It’s awakened me from some good drool-all-over-my-chin type sleep, ruined dinner, and made D sick.

I’m thisclose to knocking on their door and handing whoever opens a copy of “The Joy of Cooking” and a takeout menu. Seriously though, almost everyone in the building is fed up. We’ve all complained to each other about the smell, and our sweet upstairs neighbor even offered to buy some incense to burn in the hallway while the downstairs neighbors “cook”.

I can’t keep going like this. Would it be smart if all the building residents took the issue to the property manager? What would yall do in this situation? Get at me in the comment box.


8 thoughts on “Foodie Foul-up

  1. If most of the tenents in the building has an issue I suggest yall tell the tenent(s) causing the smell. If they still wanna try and fail at their Racheal Ray/Bobby Flay impressions, take it to the property manager.

  2. property mgr all the way. that is messing with your livelihood and you don’t pay good money to stay in a place where you can’t breathe!

  3. Seriously? Well, not only would I complain to the manager, but I’d put it in writing every single time, with my signature, date stamp, who I’ve sent/given it to and who I’ve cc’d. Just in case 🙂 (Can you tell I’ve complained before??? LOL)

    Not only that, but if you’re in good with the neighbors, hell…I’d take up a petition and then submit it to the managers. Whatever you do, make sure it’s in writing in case you need to go above the managers head.

    That is, of course, if you don’t want to go talk to the bad chef personally…

  4. @Southern, that’s what I wanna know. I’m with Ladynay….treat it just like you would on the j-o-b. Take it up with the person(s) you have the issue with first and if that don’t work then the prop. mgr. it is. Either way something has to be said, especially if people are getting ill behind it.

  5. That’s serious if they are funking up the ENTIRE building. Incense or Febreze doesn’t even get rid of the smell????

    I agree, I think if you went to management, as well as ALL the tenants, things are likely to improve. HOPEFULLY!

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