Why’s It Gotta Be One of Us?

A few weeks ago, I moved up to a new position at work with more money and a move out of the cubicle farm. Best of all, the position is in a different office only 5 miles from home. Good stuff, but it left me in a really awkward position. I was “called up” to take the place of an employee who was going out to have surgery. Typically this would be a short-term thing, but this is the second surgery fo rthis woman in a year. After her first surgery, she was out longer than expected and ended up using all of her allowed FMLA leave, so with this surger she wasn’t guaranteed the position’s availability upon her return–the company can’t afford to leave the position unstaffed for a long period of time again.

This is where shit went wrong. Ol’ girl had to train me on her duties in just a few weeks’ time. I understand tha tin her situation it could be nerve wracking to train your replacement, but she didn’t have to punk out the way she did. Rather thatn use every available minute to show me the ropes, she complained. And complained. And complained. About everything and anything, down to the fact that her (supposedly ex-) husband called to say that he loved her during the day. “I have a bachelor’s degree, they need to respect ME!” or “I used to be a manager, this position is beneath me” was all I heard. Yeah, she showed me enough to get by, but it wasn’t ideal.

I was out sick with Pleurisy on her last day, but of course she showed her ass. 2 weeks ago, boss lady told her that she could take Thursday and Friday off before her surgery the following Monday. (Mind you, she isn’t technically terminated–her status is “on medical leave” for 90 days so she can have some type of benefits, and she can apply for an open position upon being cleared to return to work). Rather than act nice and go, she got to cussin, banged her cane on a manager’s door, and started insulting people’s kids. She apparently told one lady that she hopes her daughter gets molested by a pedophile. Yup, she got escorted out of the building. Now she has no hope of being able to return to an open position. The switchboard girl was told to hang up on her if she calls.

Well if that weren’t bad enough, two days after surgery, she calls my *direct* line at work (bypassing switchboard) and starts harassing me. She keeps telling me that I wanted her job so badly that I made up stuff on her so she would get fired. Shiiiiit, I didn’t have to make anything up, she effed it up for herself. Then she started emailing me at work, with more harassing messages. I can’t get into everything she said for legal reasons, but they were some EXTREMELY off-color, unnecessary, personal (in some instances) insults. Before the harassment started, I sent her a get well card. She kirked out cuz of that too. She dug up my phone number (it was listed, but that has since changed), and called me at home with some stupid sounding laughter. She’s done it for a few days now. I guess she’s bitter about her situation. But damn, I’m just doing what I’m told. I didn’t kick her out. The company can’t have a position open like that. But this shit is out of control now.

I had to take it legal once she started calling my house. I know she’s crazy because she didn’t even hide her number from showing up on caller ID. I had to take the situation to boss lady, and now she’s gotten the corporate HR attorney involved. I’ve also had to get a no-contact order through the police, and she knows D’s a cop. You’d think she’d refrain from calling me at home. She knows that type of harassment/stalking is illegal.

It seems like I always get the crazy azz people to deal with. I asked a few people, including my boss, why I always have to deal with some off the wall shit and everyone said it’s because I’m sort of softspoken when you first meet me and also because I’m nice to a fault. I’ll be nice to most anyone unless they cross me wrong from the jump. I need to work on that, lol. I know everybody handles stress in a different way, but there is no reason for her to act like this. I’m embarassed for her, not just because she’s lost the opportunity to stay with the company, but because she’s one of us. Why does someone always have to keep the stereotype of “unprofessional black folk” alive? We need to do better people. Ugh.


15 thoughts on “Why’s It Gotta Be One of Us?

  1. Oh my! This is really sad. So in acting up she has lost her medical benefits too huh? Daggone shame. I’d be doing my best to keep the powers that be paying my medical bills. But Tasha, why do you always get the crazies after you? Do they look at you and go “Hmmm. Now she looks like someone I could have a good time harassing”? Have they not learned better by now? Sheesh!

  2. Maybe you need to just go into a spot in full ghetto mode first, then maybe they’ll respect you. Stupid I know. But it seems like we can’t win on the corporate plantation. Everytime I feel like we’re making strides, someone pulls us down.

  3. I know…don’t people like that make you cringe! It’s so messy and embarrasing to witness…especially when it’s “one of us”…plain foolery.

  4. WOW! Are you kidding me? Ok see, this is what I always say. You never know how/who a person is. Obviously she loony as hell and you need to watch yourself. I’m glad you’ve taken legal actions because the situation could’ve gotten crazier and crazier. I’M.MAD.SHE.IS.ONE.OF.US.

    I do not like people and this is the reason why! dang!

  5. don’t get me started. don’t eeeeven get me started. i can’t stand unprofessional folk in the workplace. come here, do your job and be out. there’s no need for all your drama!!! can’t stand it.

  6. Yeesh! What a mess! I’m so sorry you have to deal with all this drama. At least now you’ve got legal behind to support you. The stress of a new job plus a crazy person bothering you is not a good combination. I hope everything gets sorted out soon so that you can show the company how fabulous you are! 🙂

  7. She is really flipping out. I don’t know why she is harassing you at all, it is not your fault. She’s probably too scared to take her anger out on the higher up folks, so I guess she thought it would be easier to mess with you. It’s sad because this will have an impact on her ability to get a job anywhere else….

  8. Well dang….she sounds like she’s done lost her marbles, lmao. Sounds like you handled it well!!! Definatly keep us informed on this one!

  9. *clutches pearls* Girl she called ya damn house??!! Oh heeeeeeeelllll naaaaaawwww!!

    Crazy or not, that is just too much!! You got your shank in your car? Folks like that don’t think straight when they are seeing red (even if it is all their fault).

    Be careful!!

  10. I totally understand where you’re coming from Tasha. Eny sums it up at best. I can’t understand why we as sistas can’t be more supportive of one another professionally rather than hate.

    Don’t worry yourself. If I have to come and regulate for you girl, I got your back.

  11. What in the devil..when you said banging her cane up against the door I busted out laughing man I tell ya sad cause it’s just gonna take her longer to find a job since she’s messed this one up

  12. Ghetto women like that are miserable human beings, and when they see a woman who is intelligent, kind and successful they will take it out on them. They don’t know how to show happiness or support. However, this woman’s behavior is beyond ghetto—it’s psychotic. I’m glad you have enough evidence to take action against her crazy behind.

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