What in the holy vending machine hell?


So I fell victim to the vending machine at work the other day, and I saw this mess and I had to find out what it was all about. 65 cents later, I had them on my desk, and couldn’t bring myself to eat them cuz I just knew they wouldn’t be right. I mean damn, fast food shouldn’t be that fast. If I can’t wait till I leave work to get to the BK for some fries, it may just be time to barricade myself in the gym. Ketchup and Fries potato chips? Seriously? I know the only way the company is making money off of them is from people like me who are curious as hell about seeing something like that in the vending machine.

Since I couldn’t bring myself to try them and I knew D wouldn’t even entertain the thought, I did what any curious person at work would do. I asked the NAOWL (nosey azz old white lady) who’s always asking what I have for lunch and trying to get me to share some. Well according to NAOWL, they taste just like fries with ketchup. I guess there is real dehydrated ketchup on the chips.

What the fugg? Just nasty. Some things you just don’t put in the vending machine.


6 thoughts on “What in the holy vending machine hell?

  1. LOL! No thanks! Just like I don’t eat those “crab chips” or any other crazy concoction!! Nope! Nope! Nope!

    LOL@ BK fries out the dayum vending machine!! I’m afraid to ask what’s next!

  2. Yeah that looks nasty

    esp. since I don’t like ketchup on my fries
    …or my plain chips

    eww what’s next dill pickle/peppermint stick potato chips?

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