Tuesday Randoms

More of the random mess that’s run across my mind:


-Where does the old people smell come from? D and I went to an antique furniture store a while back and the whole place smelled geriatric. I know that sounds bad, but almost every elderly person’s home I’ve been in has a distinct smell. Like babies have a smell, so do some people over a certain age, I guess. Old mothballs maybe? I guess that smell permeated the wood of the furniture?


-Why is all black music gangsta rap? I was listening to the Ch.ris Br.ow.n CD at work when one of my co-workers came around groaning about how she doesn’t like that gangsta rap music I was listening too and if I could turn the volume down. Mind you I have my own office with a door and keep my music at a level where I can barely hear it sometimes. She did the same thing when I was listening to Yolanda Adams. Seriously, gospel music = gangsta rap now? *le sigh*


-Is the car wash really the new spot to pick up ladies? I was in line waiting for a car wash when ol’ greasy cashier guy came up to my car to find out which type of wash I wanted and he said, “Hmm, why aint yo’ man here getting yo’ car washed? Don’t he know that’s man’s work? If I was yo’ man you know your car would stay clean.” Ummmm, sit yo soapy azz down somewhere okay!?


-Why are 13 year old girls walking around looking extra-grown lately? I was chatting up some woman in front of me in line at Seph.ora and was horrified to find out she was only 14. No need for her to be looking older than me.


-Since the price of food, gas, etc is going up does that mean we’re supposed to increase the pizza guy’s tip?


-I stopped getting manicures and pedicures as often and the girl at the nail shop was like, “You shouldn’t do that. At least if you go broke, your nails will look good. I give you a discount today” LMAO


-One of my girlfriends who is getting married in a few months came to me 2 weeks ago and asked me, “Tasha, how do you cook? I’ve never had to, so I don’t know how” Oh no.  She’s 31.


-I fell off the treadmill at the gym last week, cuz I sneezed and lost balance. I still haven’t got the nerve up to go back. Thank goodness I go late at night though so not many people were there.


-My office is on the basement level of the building, so I don’t see the sun all day. I feel like a vampire down here.


-I’m officially the “don’t mess with her” lady at our apartment complex. I snapped funky at a few kids in front of my building who were loitering in front and being disrespectful when I asked them to move.  “Gimme your phone, is your mama’s phone number in here? I WILL call her and let her know that you’re acting an azz in front of my home.”


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Randoms

  1. Hi Tasha, glad to see you back…missed ya! I hope everything is coming along smoothly with your planning.

    I have increased the amount of tip I give the delivery guys by one dollar.

    I don’t know what it is a/b the “old” smell either you’re right….they do have a very unique scent.

    31 and never had to cook????? What is THAT about? My 6 year old can probably fry an egg if I let him near the stove!

  2. LMAO @ you T.. cause I can see your face LOL get yo soapy arse outta here..

    Umm yeah the 13 yr old girls look hella old.. one of them had the nerve to tell lil BK you a youngin she responded.. WHATEVA u had a hard life.. DONE

    31 and don’t know how to cook?? OH LAWD.. well he must really love her 🙂 and not marrying her for her cooking skills LOL

    Umm I’m gone need you to be more careful at the gym k? If you were at my class you wouldn’t have them issues LMAO *enough self promoting*

  3. HAHAHA! Maybe it’s the med’s older people take that give them that smell!

    Ummm of course your car would be clean if dude was your man. HE WORKS AT THE CAR WASH!!! *smh*

    Wow, if your girl got her a ring and her hubby to be hasn’t said nothing about her lack of cooking, she don’t have nothing to worry about.

    Girlllllllllllllll didn’t you know Yolonda Adams what pure unadulterated hard core gansta rap? Where have YOU been? ROFL!

  4. Tasha – you so make me laugh! I’m glad you’re back to blogging! Old people smell – I don’t know where it comes from but eeewww – I knew EXACTLY what you were talking about. But it isn’t all of them, just a lot. My Grandma doesn’t have it (shes 82).

    About the sneeze and fall? Where’s your sense of humor girl? I would have busted up laughing at myself. No need for embarrassment – we all do stuff like that. Just life.

    And damn, why can’t I think of stuff like that to say to bratty kids? Aw hell, who am I kidding, even if I did think to say it I wouldn’t have the guts to pull it off anyway!

  5. Welcome back to the blog. I was rolling over laughing at the idiots you have to deal with on a regular basis. Like car wash guy—why do these men think they have any chance with decent women?! Ugh! I wouldn’t be surprised if car wash man didn’t have a car of his own!

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