Book and Space Rant

I’ve got a fac.eb.ook and account like most everyone in the known universe, and seriously I’m bout tired of them both. Well, really only the “book where errbody’s face is at”. “The Space”…I just kind of retired from that. I haven’t logged on in about 5 months, and the last time I did I got some kind of strange hate mail from some dude who was trying to be a Mr. Tasha contender. Your girl has no time for that. But while I’m talking about “The Space” and all…why are grown azz people still acting like that’s the hottest thing on Erf (yup, erf. Not earth, erf)?


Dude trying to get my # at the mall: “Hit me on my mys.pac.e page. I got like 500 friends up on there. I change my pics all the time so you never know what you’re gonna see. You gotta keep your shit up, you know?”


Me: “What?”


Dude: “This chick had holla’d at me on there and she did my survey….”


Me: *WTF face* “That’s great. Listen, I’m in a rush” *walks away*


Is that the new mack for the over-50- and goes to the Mason Hall on First Fridays dressed in head-to-toe red with fringes hanging from the sleeves and matching cowboy boots-crowd? Not impressed, but completely amused.


Anyway, it’s that damn ‘book’ that’s got me kinda irritated. Of course it’s great (and maybe not so great) to catch up with people from high school (and apparently Kindergarten—some chick I haven’t seen since 1988 found me a few weeks ago. Ol’ girl has TOO much time on her hands. And why does she still know my name?? C-R-E-E-P-Y!!) But seriously, it seems like every time I sign on, I’ve got another invitation to add some crazy azz application.


“So-and-so threw you a hot potato. *click here to add Hot Potato* *click here to share with your friends*”


Now I’ve got like 70 different stupid little applications, and every time someone hugs me or pokes me or slaps me upside the head, I get another little notification asking me to add whatever the application du jour is. And why do you feel it necessary to include me in your en masse sharing? For the love of Purple Rain, pleeease stop. I just want to log in, say hi to whomever and sign the fugg off. Ok, I need to stop sounding so curmudgeonly. I like sharing, really I do. Just not with everyone on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.


And ex dude…if you ‘kiss’ me one more time or send me anymore ‘gifts’, I will blow up your laptop. I don’t like you like that anymore. Get that through your big azz head.


Now that I’ve got that off my chest, how do yall feel about “The Book” and “The Space”?


4 thoughts on “Book and Space Rant

  1. It’s so funny because I used to be really into myspace when I first started. Now, ehhhhhhh, not so much. I log on maybe once/month (sometimes every other month). It’s novelty wore off on me really quick. I normally log on because I have nothing else to surf the web for and I mainly just look at other folks pages. I’ve thought about shutting my page down more than a few times.

  2. LOL I have them to monitor my daughter.. her space has now been deleted and if she keeps it up so will her book.. LOL.. and then once that is done I can delete mine.. ALTHOUGH since I’m added to a bunch of her friends I check their pages to see what the heck they are up to cause lawd knows.. you gotta patrol the children!

  3. I know nothing about “the book”. I’ve never typed it in my url. I just got a myspace account last year. It took me 7 months to actually put up a pic and decorate my page. I only go on myspace when I get an email stating someone has sent me a message or someone wants to add me as a friend. I only have about 70 friends and out of those 70, I know all of them except 4. I get random requests for friends all the time. It’s like a huge popularity contest to see who can have the most friends. I have been thinking about deleting my page.

  4. After the book was in the news I opted out…never signed up. I have a space page, but really see no purpose in it, and I don’t go there often. I was into space the first week, got really into coding it and pimping it out, but now that I know all that crap – I’m bored with it.

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