Weekend Roundup

I’m back at work today kinda upset like a kid who has to go back to school after a great vacation. I had such a great mini-vacay. Didn’t go anywhere special, but spent some time with a bunch of our good friends. It’s sad because we either work together or live close by, but we don’t really get the chance to do anything all together. We cooked out and got to drankin and dominoes and spades. I swear black folks cannot get together without a deck of cards somewhere close by. And you find out some of the damndest things about people when they get good and drunk. The storytelling gets very umm….exaggerated. Loves it.


I also got to spend some time with D. With our opposite work schedules it’s hard to know if we’re coming or going sometimes. It was really nice to be able to go out and not discuss wedding plans and vendors and centerpieces. We vowed to leave that mess alone for the weekend. I think the wedding planning is a test of how strong your relationship really is. If you can make it through that with your relationship mostly intact, you should be alright. I’m only half joking. But we’re excited, we’re going to Vegas hopefully in September just to get some fun time in away from the urrrrea and away from our family and friends before we get too tied down with flowers and cake and the like. I think that’s going to be our little get away spot…we both love it there, so we’re hoping to make a long weekend of it every so often (yay for travel discounts through work!).


Yesterday was my father’s birthday. That was the only bad thing about my weekend. I haven’t heard from him since just after my birthday in March when he called to tell me that he had $.16 in his pocket and needed me to send him money again (mind you he makes more than me in retirement and disability income…and he lives in Florida so he doesn’t pay taxes on that disability income). He didn’t call for my birthday, didn’t send a card. I sent him a Save-The-Date card for the wedding, no response. Sent a few emails, no response. For Father’s Day, I sent an email—no response. I got a few joke forwards from him in my email box back in April, but no response to all I’ve sent him. So I said fugg it, I’mma send him a text message for his birthday cuz he can’t put in the effort to respond and I don’t want to waste a stamp on a birthday card. So I send the message “Happy Birthday Dad” and got messages back questioning who I am “Tasha who?” Turns out that’s no longer his cellphone. I don’t have anymore contact info for him, so I give up. At this point I don’t know if he’s dead or alive, but I’m done. The phone works both ways. He can use it when he “needs money” but can’t use it just to say hi. Nope, no time for that. I was feeling some kind of way about it for a little while, but I know better things and better people are in my life now and are in my future.


Hope yall had a good weekend!


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