Return of the ?

I’m back again. Like a lot of other bloggers have been doing this summer, I keep pulling disappearing acts. There’s been so much going on and I haven’t had the chance to update or read other people’s blogs.


I got my shoulder fixed and lemme tell you, whatever the hell they gave me for pain was amazing. I’ve never slept so damn good in my life, drool spots and all *I have no shame*. I’d cheat on D with sleep if I could.


Speaking of D, I’m trying to get used to his new schedule. Now he works from 3PM-2AM-ish so I really only see him on his days off. I hated his previous graveyard shift schedule, but this irritates me. But that gives me a chance to miss him and quite a bit of alone time, so in a sense it’s a blessing.


Me and the girls decided to go to the Har.ley dealership and sign up for motorcycle lessons. As soon as the doctor says it’s okay I’ll be learning to ride. It looks like so much fun, plus a motorcycle uses less gas than my car. Ya girl’s gotta make some changes in this jacked up economy. Tryin to hold on to my $$ tight! Now if only I can find a helmet that will fit on my big azz head…


I’m trying to plan an impromptu trip to Vegas in September for me & D and two other couples that we hangout with a lot. But we don’t know where to stay. Anybody have any favorites they can recommend?


Mom dukes called me up the other day and was like, “I’m officially retired. I called AA.RP and got my extra insurance and all that. When is my party?” Ummm….okay, she was just saying how she went on an interview for a possible job change. When is the party? And she was serious too. I guess she’s entitled to that though. Can’t wait till I can just one day say fugg it I’m done and put in my retirement paperwork. If I tried that mess now, my 401K would laugh at me then slap me back into my office.


Anyway, that’s the haps in my world. I hope this was the last hiatus for a while.


4 thoughts on “Return of the ?

  1. Welcome back! Don’t be leaving like that ugh!!!

    aww @ D and that schedule. When my ex husband worked 3 – 11pm I loved it. Gave me just enough “me” time to stay sane *sigh*. Hence the word EX husband but I digress..

    Luxor is really nice in Vegas… MGM Grand is to!

    LOL@ Momma screaming I’m retired and when’s my party. Gotta love her.

    I said I was gonna take motorcycle lessons too but my sis was like I love you too much and I don’t want you to die on a bike. Talkin’ bout overkill..ugh! I didn’t sign up.

  2. My hubby just got moved to regular day shift a month ago after a year and a half of the 3pm – midnight (or later). This is the first time in our entire time together (other than a 6 month contract a few years back) that he has worked the same hours as me. Although we are loving life as an actual family, it is an adjustment for all of us. I definitely like having him home in the evening but at the same time there was something to be said for having some time in the evenings all to myself.

  3. oooooh! trip to vegas sounds cool! i’ve never been so i can’t be of any help 😦

    you better GET IT with those bike lessons!! that is too cool!!

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