Tuesday Very Randoms…

Conjunction junction what’s your function…?? I’ve had the song in my head for at least 4 days now. I was in a meeting on Friday and it seemed like one of the presenters had forgotten how to combine phrases so none of her statements made sense.  I guess she was nervous and was just reading her bullet points. Poor thing.


My office is on the basement level of the building so almost every day I sit down I think of one of the early episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Will was trapped with his date (who had just popped off her fake nails) in the basement singing “I’m stuck in a basement/sitting on a tricycle/girl gettin’ on my nerves/Goin’ out of my mind/I thought she was fine/Don’t know if her body is hers” It’s stupid but gives me some humor in the morning


I went to lunch at a diner recently and saw “chicken fried steak” on the menu. Can someone please explain to me why chicken fried would be different from just plain fried or even shrimp fried?


Why isn’t green tea green? But when you go to Pan.era Bread and get their iced green tea it is? Why are their tea leaves greener than mine?


Why is the internet so much more addictive at work than it is at home? It’s the same internet, but when I’m at work things keep popping up that I need to search for.


My ex is trying like hell to impress me with his new car and sort-of fancy job title. Makes me want to puke. Money can’t buy class, but it can magnify your ignorance. I’ll take my not-as-wealthy, but classy and gracious guy over him any day.


Having a jacked up shoulder really isn’t cute. I can’t get my correct sleep angle and my upper arm is crazy swollen still so one side of me looks like I’ve been hitting the up ‘roids dealer.


The gas price went down the day AFTER I filled my tank up. I wonder if I could get a refund. I’ve seen people do it with clothes.


Flip flops are not office wear and do not look cute with a professional outfit. I need the girls in my building to figure that out. How do you get to the point where you think a nice An.n Tay.lor suit with some flimsy azz O.ld Na.vy flip flops looks right?


I wish I could round up all the lil tween/teenage girls I see in the mall and tell them that showing their behinds isn’t cute. I know they’re trying to show off for the boys, but some of the outfits I’ve run across would make a stripper blush. My partner in crime, L, had to pull one lil fast azz girl to the side and let her know that her jean skirt was so short that her stuff was almost visible. She suggested some leggings underneath. Were we that bad when we were that age?


I can tell I made the right decision to become a nurse…I can’t wait till I can wear some comfy scrubs and shoes to work. I’ll only miss dressing up a little bit, but that’s what the weekend is for.


142 days until I’m in Jamaica. *sigh*


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Very Randoms…

  1. AHHH Jamaica heyyy mon (remember that episode of the Cosby show with denise and her boo singing that lol)…why is that my favorite episode of Fresh Prince along with the one where he sings to uncle phil tellin him he’s not going lol and when Ashley thinks she is gonna have a singing career….

    I think the same thing when I go out..I was telling one of my friends I think I’m getting old I dont remember being that woresome lol

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more in that flip flops just AREN’T supposed to be worn with everything.

    Nothing irks me more than seeing someone [especially a grown @ss man in a suit] with a pair of flip flops on!!


    WOO HOO @ your trip to JA.

    I’m going in November…[Notice I said the name of the month so I wouldn’t be faced with the sad reality of how many more days I have to suffer] LOL

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