Food For Thought

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t get up with the community food at work. You know, when someone brings some ish from home and leaves it on the break room table for everyone to share. I need some kind of certification that that ish won’t give me rot gut or something.  The only way I’ll eat from an office pot luck lunch is if the food arrived at the function in a sealed box that was opened in front of me—basically it needs to come straight from the grocery store, or it better be delivery. Otherwise ya girl ain’t eatin it. Nope. I’ll stick with what I brought thankyouverymuch.


One of my NAOWL co workers has brought tomatoes from her garden every day for the last week and a half or so, expecting people to rush over and start making salads and what not. The *ahem* others keep falling for the okie doke, but I know better. I don’t know what kind of environment people bring this mess from. One lady who brings stuff in all the time tells everyone about her 6 or 7 cats and how they have free reign all over her house and they walk on the stove sometimes. Now really, how do you put it together in your head that people will want to eat the food that you cook knowing that Fluffy and Tabby have tracked their cat business all over your counters and stove?


There’s been an outbreak of some kind of stomach bug for the last couple weeks, and people can’t seem to understand why. Me and the other sane people haven’t eaten any of the shared food, and we’re fine. About the random tomatoes, people keep saying “Noooo, those couldn’t have made me sick. They were grown right out of her garden. Right out of a natural garden. Nooooo. Those aren’t tainted. She uses Mirac.le Gr.o…”


But yall, this is what she brought in, and what most of her tomatoes have looked like:

Hell to the nawl. I’m not messing with it.


9 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. That is very disgusting baby! I wouldn’t eat that if my life depend upon it. I suffered with ecoli and other things that I got infected with eating Afghan food while over there, definitely not going to do it here in the states. You know what I can and can’t handle and that I wouldn’t even dare to touch. What is the problem with this picture? Can she not see that people are getting sick off of her food? Letting animals roam around the kitchen like that and on the stove especially is not a very, very smart idea. She is obviously a KNUCKLE HEAD and old and need to be drop kicked.
    All you need is one report to OSHA and that’s a wrap for her. I swear the people that you work with are just stupid and foolish. Anyone not seeing that her food is making them sick is just as dumb and maybe dumber than her! (Doom doom doom doom…..fade! rumble stips and a rock climbing accident!)

  2. okay … you must work in my office virtually. This dude in my office brings in some dayum peaches on Monday. I’m like slim this ain’t Georgia so I know they ain’t fresh. Did I mention that the fruit was bruised and had white shyt oozing out. It was never an issue whether or not I was gonna touch any of it … I don’t know him and my germaphobia woulda slapped me twice. What I want to know is why do these folks think that it’s okay to bring that toxic waste into work? And who the Hell are the people eating this bile when they bring it in?


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