Not My Kid…

Sara.h, girl this has been a rough week for you huh? You go from mayor of Bumblefuck, USA to governor of AK to VP nom in just a few short years. And I know that transition must have been rough. I mean with all the hooplah about your family life and all. Bristo.l’s pregnant and you’ve got to be a good mom and help her plan the wedding while trying to become vice president of these here United States. And that situation with Baby Tri.g (by the way, what the fu*k does Tri.g mean? Do you like pulling Triggers? Were you good at Trigonometry/Geometry in high school? Did you just put some radom azz letters together?) I’m sure you think it’s down right rude for people to insinuate that you’d cover your own daughter’s pregnancy and take her out of school to hide it. Awww, those meanies! Well, when the questions get to be too much, play this song for ’em:

Maybe McC.ain can make that your campaign song. Go get ’em girl! *rolls eyes and walks out of the room*


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