Take Care of Yourself

I’m the first one to tell people they need to take better care of themselves. I get on my family, my friends, D, his family, and his friends. I’m the one they come to when something’s hurting or they feel like trash–I guess the acceptance to nursing school is the same thing as being a nurse, lol. But something I don’t do enough of is take care of myself. I’m like Superwoman in training–trying to take care of every damn body else, but not doing anything to make sure I’m functioning at my best. I’ve been sick and injured a lot this year, and haven’t really done anything about it. Just take the meds and move on. With all of the stress of planning a wedding, helping my mom and D’s mom get their retirement money right, the nursing school application process, and dealing with a job that makes me want to pull the twists out of my head one by one I forgot that I can’t do anything if I’m in bad shape.  My body finally told on me and made me screech to a halt.

I’ve had serious pain and pressure in my head for about 12 days and was ignoring it. I was taking decongestants, thinking it was just another sinus infection (since I got moved to the new location for work, I’ve had 6 sinus infections–NOT normal, but just par for the course I assumed). but wasn’t getting any relief. D and everyone around me kept telling me to go to the doctor, but my hard headed self refused because I just knew that I’d be out of work for a day and I have so much in my inbox to do. Heh. On Monday, I went to work with my head still hurting. At about 11 AM, I leaned over to write something and I got soo disoriented and lightheaded and passed.the.fugg.out. My office is in a basement (let’s not talk about that right now), so no one knew I was on the ground. I got it together and called my receptionist who got the boss to take me to the ER (thank God I work on a hospital campus).

6 hours later, I was on my way home with an unknown diagnosis. I had what may have been a seizure, but the CT scans found nothing. My bloodwork was fine. So now I’m laid up at home with an appointment to see a neurologist. Can’t get to that work in my inbox because I can’t walk more than about 100 feet without getting unsteady. This is the longest I’ve been able to be at a computer to write this post. My primary doctor, D, my mom, and every one else that has some type of access to me has taken the time to remind me that if I had just been taking better care of myself from jump, this wouldn’t have happened.

I’m not trying to stand up on a soap box (cuz I can’t keep my balance right now anyway lol), but just reminding you to take better care of you. Even Superwoman has to rest. Hopefully I’ll be back to work tomorrow, but nothing there is so important that I can’t take the time to take care of me. I can’t take care of anyone until I take care of me.

Thanks D for staying up 36 hours to make sure I was okay.


14 thoughts on “Take Care of Yourself

  1. wow…how scary for you!! I REALLY hope it was just one of those fluke things or something minor.

    Like you I had the bad headaches and lightheadedness…add many sleepless nights to that. I was a mess. I FINALLY went to the doctor. Several blood tests later, I found out I’m severely anemic…news to me. The headaches and the light headedness disappeared almost as soon as I started taking iron pills and multi-vitamins…so I’m much better now.

    Continue taking your own advice…take care of you!

  2. You sound like my mother. She is going through a workman’s comp case now for falling out at work…up until then she was still limping her way to work and only stopped because the doctor told her to stay home. Yes, please take care of yourself….we all have big dreams and even bigger responsibilities but you can take care of them if you can take care of you.

  3. Whoa!

    I’m gald you realize you need to rest and I hope you don’t feel bad about getting it! Get well so you can be the superwoman you know you can be!

  4. I’m very late to this party but like you I’ve been having issues.. I went to the doctor.. now I’m waiting on my test results.. had I read my damn google reader last week I woulda saw this and probably gone to the doctor sooner.. thanks for sharing this T.. and again I’m keeping you in my prayers

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