Late Sharing

Well since I was so caught up with my head and feeling messy, I didn’t write about anything fun. The weekend of the 20th, D and I went to visit the fam in NY. We knew something was up because they asked us both to be there, and insisted that we didn’t change the date. When people say stuff like that, you know they’re scheming.

We got up there, and mom dukes told us to go about our business. So I took D apple picking, cuz he’d never been. No matter where in NY we were living when I was growing up, we’d always make it upstate to go apple picking in the fall, so it was so cute to see him running around eating apples off the trees like a little kid. We ended up with some ungodly amount of fruit, so I’ve been baking everyday since we got back. Seriously, if you want a homemade apple coffee cake, apple pie, apple crisp, applesauce, or carmel/chocolate apple and you’re in the urrea, get at me.

Anyway, we got back and mom shooed us back in the car and off to her church. We got there and went down the back steps and “surprise”. She managed to wrangle up a bunch of people and threw us an engagement/bridal shower party thing. She knows I’m having another shower down here, but she wanted to do something with the fam and church folks who’ve known me since I was a lil bitty thang. Sadly, all of my friends from high school and college live down here or in NYC so they couldn’t make it, but it was so sweet to be around the old people. Bad feelings about things be damned for the day, it really was nice.

They decorated the church hall in an asian theme (that’s the theme of the wedding as well), and I can tell they put lots of effort into making D feel comfortable since a lot of the people hadn’t met him before. I guess that’s the old people way of looking in his face to make sure he’s acceptable, lol. They gave us the most beautiful cake:

The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but it was a two layer asian sponge cake decorated with fresh fruit slices, straight from the asian bakery. If only we could have found an asian bakery here before we ordered the cake we’re having…oh well. It was yummy, and we were able to enjoy a few hours without thinking about my mom’s situation.

This weekend we’re going to yet another wedding, and will be working on some things for ours. I’m hoping for a chance to just unplug from the world for a little while and regroup and refocus so I can go back to living. Really living again, I’m looking forward to it. Have a great weekend.


5 thoughts on “Late Sharing

  1. Old(er) people are funny. I remember the older men/women in wifey’s family putting me on the stand and questioning me but trying to make me feel loved at the same time. It was hilarious.

    Anyway, I haven’t been at your spot in a while but maintain. Now, all this talk and pictures about cake is making me hungry. I’m going to lunch….

  2. You sound (?) so much better this week. I am so glad! How sweet of your mom and church folk. Sounds like it was a nice event. About the cake, when is the date? Usually as long as you are a month or more out you can cancel the order? That cake looks GOOOOODDDD! Yum!

    And man, I am craving some apples right now. I would definitely take you up on that offer if I were on the right coast!

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