Laid out!

I’m going between this:

and this:

(yerp, my hair probably looks like that too). I was feeling okay yesterday until around 5:00 when the “your ass will be in bed tomorrow” headache and chills got started. I tried in vain to drug myself up and drink all the tea I could, but whatever this bug is won out. I’m probably sick because of all the money i spent yesterday. I was off so I could be at Motor Vehicles all day…I finally broke down and got Maryland tags for my car. So what I’ve been here almost 3 years, and you’re technically supposed to change within 60 days. But my NY registration was about to expire so I bit the bullet. $520.50 later, I’m all legal. I’m sure spending that much at the MVA did something to my immune system. Anyway, I’ll be in bed for the rest of the day.¬† Feel free to send soup and cough drops lol.


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