Weekend Ruminations

-My sister from another mother, L, and I went out with the rest of the girls on Friday and we’re convinced that we’re officially getting old. Between “Damn, remember when we could wear things like that?” and “Girl, I gotta sit down for a minute; dancing in these shoes is making my knees hurt”, we decided that girls’ night in sounds like a better idea for next week, lol.

-I remember drinking for drinking’s sake in college, but some of these chicks are taking it too far. Is it really the cute thing to be throwing up on the sidewalk at the corner of 7th & H, then doing the sloppy stumble with a bunch of dudes? We saw at least 4 girls do this…all with a bunch of dudes and looking vulnerable as hell. Nothing at all sexy about that.

-Being proud of who you are and how you look is a great thing, whether you’re reppin’ for Team Chunk or Team I-Need-A-Sandwich. However, that pride can get you making a fool out of yourself. We went bowling on Saturday and saw a group of Team Chunk-ettes taking the obligatory ‘these are going on facebo.ok or the ‘space’ pictures every time someone got done tossing their ball down the lane. Ol’ girl kept pulling her shirt down and exposing her tittyballs for these pics. The last time, she pulled too far and out came nipples and destruction. She didn’t rush to fix her malfunction either; instead saying, “Teeeheeeheee, yall know I’m sexaaay”. Jesus, please be a clue, a supportive bra, and a nipple cover.

-Leggings don’t look good on everyone. Especially if you have a body like a gorilla. Nuff said.

-Too many dudes are on that ‘arrogant because I look professional’ steez in DC. If you really are a professional and have your ish together, then you don’t need all that faux swagger. L tried to sit down at the bar and said “excuse me” to some dude and he was like “If you’re interested, don’t be cuz my girl is in the bathroom and was sitting right here”. She wasn’t even thinking about his cornball ass. That’s ugly boo, real ugly.

-If you have to scrunch your toes just so you can walk in your crazy ass stilettos, you need another size. Teetering like a 2-year old doesn’t count as a fierce walk either. Call Ms. Jay from ANTM and get some lessons.

-I saw you spitting your “I’ve got an expensive car and lots of loot” game, so why when we were leaving did I see you get into a Hyund.ai Acce.nt and drive away?

-I can’t stand bad ass teenagers running around trying to act grown. Cussing and fighting don’t make you grown, they make you look stupid.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Ruminations

  1. SMH @ the chunkettes posing for pics. I have seen enough tiddy and azz pics on blogger to last me a life time. I’m trying not to judge…hell sometimes you can’t help it…but some of these pics are so deliberate. Do people really need attention that much? I guess so.

    What did your friend say to dude when he said that? I hope she burst into bellyaching laughter at him for assuming.

  2. LOL @ “whether you’re reppin’ for Team Chunk or Team I-Need-A-Sandwich”

    Can’t be mad @ the fact that those chicks were confident but baring nipples and not givin’ a fudge is just foul!!

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