Mostly Wordless Wednesday

6 more weeks until I get to wear this (these are from my fitting):

and carry these:

and marry this dude right here:


17 thoughts on “Mostly Wordless Wednesday

  1. oooh! i like that pop of color!! when i get married (maybe i need a bf first…no?) i think ill have some fuschia in my weeding dress…your skin complexion also goes well with the red…but im confused, i thought your hair was natural?? Do you have a weave now?

  2. Thanks! The pictures were taken back in May during one of my first fittings and I had a weave at that time (trying out possible wedding hairstyles).

  3. Love the dress. Love the flowers. Love the military dude (not like that, but you know…..). Lucky you!! Everything is going to look great!

  4. I do feel like a princess in that dress. I just didn’t realize how big the crinoline under the dress was so I feel a little like a marshmallow lol.

  5. Of course you know I approve of the dress 🙂 I LOVE the color!!!! *tear* Another one bites the dust 🙂

    Girl…the crinoline…I can tell you stories about that stupid stuff! My dress require 2 of those bad boys…girl it was sauna under my dress!

    Are you horribly nervous yet? Have people worked the very last nerve?

  6. WTH?? Why were they out in the morning? I always give the 4:30 pm crew a frown. 7:30 am is just blasphemous! Yes, I know I said blasphemous as it relates to a holiday many Christians shy away from. Blasphemous can be used for something other than Jesus and the Bible. LOL!!!!

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