Happy Halloween

So it’s Halloween, great! I’m not as big on Halloween as I used to be. I guess this is one of those days that’s really for the kids or for people who work in offices that encourage dressing up and having fun. But since it is Friday and payday, I might put a costume together and head out tonight; we’ll see.

I’m really mad at the parents and kids who want to get a head start on trick or treating. This morning around 7:30 as I was heading out to work I heard *BOOM BOOM BOOM* at the door. I opened the door and saw two boys in costumes and an over-eager looking parent. “Trick or treat!!!”. UMMM, isn’t trick or treating for the evening or has it turned into an all-day event now? Back in the day we definitely saved the candy-hustling for after dinner. I guess they were lucky that I had the candy bowl ready to go otherwise I would have been that mean lady who gives out apples.

Normally, I’d share the Thriller video but it looks like El Youtube is acting up right now so you’ll just have to hear it the other million times it will be played today. So Happy Halloween and have a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Happy Halloween!!

    Girl I got jacked at the bus stop for candy by some parents & their kids…I’m like this must be a parent’s way of saying don’t bother me @ 7pm…

    @La Bella

    You know I was just very upset, not enough to cry, mad enough to choke the life out of her…at least now I can see the comedy in it…as stated I was dead ass wrong for rocking the too small shirt in the first place lol

  2. How ghetto is it to trick-or-treat during the day?

    My own peeve…
    I live in an upscale area; carloads of kids descend here on Halloween, in hopes of getting better snacks than they’d get in their own neighborhoods.

    What the %$#@( is the matter with folks ?!?

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