I’m dealing with another dilemma at work. I’ll come back and update, but basically the boss renigged on her promise to let me work at home and she knows I can’t deal with the air in the building.  I’ve provided her with more than enough medical documentation, and gave her the doctors’ contact info. The doctor doesn’t want me in there, D doesn’t want me in there…and now apparently she doesn’t want me in there. I’m at a loss about what to do. My doctor says I have mold growing in my sinus cavities cuz of that place and will have to have a quick irrigation/surgery to get things all the way cleared out. It’s that serious.

Am I supposed to quit because of this? Take this to the labor board? Any suggestions????


10 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. Gotta love how she reneged on her offer. *RME* I’m guessing she promised something that she wasn’t sure she could do or not.

    I suggest speaking with HR and your boss’s boss immediately to start the internal process. Checking with the labor board is an excellent idea! You may also want to consider getting the Dept. of Health in on. Last but not least, contact a lawyer to get legal advice.

  2. Ok that is HORRIBLE. I’m thinking going to the labor board is a good idea. There’s NO WAY you can keep working there, and I can’t imagine it being LEGAL for anyone to being working in those kind of conditions.

  3. This would be considered a hostile work environment and yes. You can take this to court, if you choose. If you need more details, hit me back by email. My mother has been in HR for over 20 years and is now working for the Equal Opportunity office at one of our major Universities here in the state. I can get you information if you need it. 🙂

  4. If it’s effecting your health can you take Family Medical Leave? Under that law, all your doc has to do is provide information about why you can’t work. By law, the doc or you don’t have to explain your illness or what your illness is to your employer/HR. As long as the doc say you can’t work, you are covered under Family Medical Leave. You probably won’t get paid if you don’t have any annual leave but you will still have a job. What about Workers Comp? Your employer is the reason you have mold growing in your cavities.

  5. That is a tight spot. I would try the labor board first. The job market is so crazy that holding on to your job seems like the best option. You have documentation that you’re truly sick, sometimes we have to go over people’s head to get business taken care of. Good luck!

  6. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an agency under the US Department of Labor (DOL). I believe this issue falls under their scope – and employers HATE to deal with the Department of Labor. If this is gonna jeopardize your job and your health, why not at least be compensated while you find another way?

    Employers can’t legally provide a poor working environment and force you to work in it. That’s bullying! But most employees simply don’t make the call to exercise their rights.

    Talk to the DOL and see what options are available to you.



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  8. OMG Honey, hugs first of all.

    I think you should go to a lawyer/solicitor and ask them for their advice. This is very serious and don’t think about leaving your job yet.

    Try and see what the professional advice is.

    What a cow of a boss that woman is to go back on her word

  9. Start the process with HR.. file a formal complaint and also document all of your conversations with your boss.

    Contact OSHA and file a complaint..

    Push comes to shove, get an attorney.. but make sure you do the steps ahead to show you were “GIVING THEM A CHANCE”..

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