Runnin ‘Round

I didn’t get to post yesterday about the Inauguration, but everyone has already said all that I would have said. I’m elated about our new president, but at the same time realistic that our country’s problems can’t and won’t be fixed immediately. Yes we can, Yes we did, Yes we will…

I’ve been running around trying to deal with some more family issues. My mom had urgent surgery to get some kind of stimulation device implanted in her spine so hopefully her pain will be relieved to the point where she can walk. She let me know a whole 36 hours before surgery so we were scrambling to get to her. While dealing with her, she also let me know that she cashed two life insurance policies–mine and my brother’s. Granted she was the beneficiary on both and they were the policies she took out on us as babies, so it doesn’t matter, but ehhh. I don’t know what to make of that.

My dad fell off the face of the earth. Like no one…his wife or anyone…can find him. Greeat. Not the first time so I’m not worried, but come on bruh. Stop doing that ish.

I’ve been forced to take a leave of absence at work because I got ANOTHER sinus infection. I’m there 4 hours a day. Daaaamn. I’ll be having sinus irrigation surgery the first week in February. Most likely I won’t be returning to work there based on my doc’s orders, and bosslady knows it. I’m working with the proper people to get things taken care of legally. Thanks to all of you who pointed me to the proper people. It’s a legal issue now, so I’m sure it’ll be just fine.

Normally with all the noise going on around me, I’d be stressed to the hilt but I’ve found my way back to some balance. Other than the fact that I can’t breathe (daggone sinus infection lol), I’m working with some inner peace for the first time in a loooong time. I’m looking forward to the Vegas trip for my birthday in March and I’m looking forward to some extended time at home to regroup and decide what to do until nursing school starts in August.


6 thoughts on “Runnin ‘Round

  1. Hope things go well with your moms surgery and shes provided with some relief from the pain.

    Glad that you’re going the legal route with the job to make them do what they need to do to resolve the issue with the air. I still cant imagine that EVERYONE there isn’t suffering from some sort of health problem.

    It’s nice to know with all of this you’re stress free. That’s always a good thing.

  2. Hope your mom has a speedy recovery and I am glad someone was ableto point you in the right direction as far as your job stuff goes, cuz I couldn’t offer anything 😦

  3. I swear I commented on this earlier today! Hmmmmmmm

    Anyways, I basically wished you and your mom a speedy recovery and I think I asked if your father going ghost was thing? When he left before did he come back in his right mind? I know sometimes I want to step out my life for a moment and get my head right. *shrug*

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