WTF Face

You ever just want to slap the snot out of somebody and give them the “WTF, Really?” face ?


Yeah. I’m there.

Ol’ girl from work who’s been sort of cyber-stalking me and trying to be me sent me a message that said “I really don’t know what’s up or why you haven’t been talking to me, but I hope all is well”. So rather than go tit-for-tat in emails and text messages, I called her and let her know what my problem is with her. I’m the kind of person where I might not say anything to you for a day or so when I get angry just so I can get myself together, but I won’t beat around the bush when I discuss my issues with you. I don’t do a whole lot of talking behind people’s backs, but if I do talk about someone, I’ll never lie to them and say that I didn’t–if they ask, I will tell them what I said too. No need to hide that. Anyway,  I was nice, but I let her know that I’ve lost a lot of respect for her as a woman, as a friend, and especially as a mother to her son because she’s setting a bad example for him.

Rather than accept that like a grown woman or at least try and defend herself, she tried to put that ish back on me. She cussed me left and right talkin’ somethin ’bout “You ain’t shit. Your family ain’t shit. Don’t nobody give a damn about you and your snooty I-went-to-college ass. You don’t have shit that I want” ad nauseam. Loud as hell. I’m sure her neck was rollin all over the place and she was waving her finger around. Just like Shenehneh she went on and on. “Oh no you didn’t just teeeeeelllll me you lost respect for me!! That don’t matter no way cuz I lost respect for you a long time ago. I’m done with you”

When she finished her crazywoman rant (I’m surprised she didn’t hang up on me the way she was going)  I said,

“You lost respect for me, huh? I guess that’s why you’ve been spending all of your waking hours trying to be me and trying to get next to me. You don’t care about me and mine, right? So why were you stalking me, trying to get with my husband behind my back and trying to dig up dirt about me through my family? Apparently we got something you care about. And you weren’t done with us last night the way you were sending desperate ass messages to my family on fac.ebook. Heffa you must not realize they told me about you. Done with me? Bitch please I’ve been done with you.”

*silence* *crickets and all that*

“Oh. Well you still ain’t shit Tasha!”

*silence**crickets and all that*

“Riiiiiight. Since I’m not shit, I’m gonna get off the phone and continue not being shit. Sweetie, you have a good day and good luck in your life. I’ll throw some prayers up for you”

WTF and really!? It’s amazing to me how some women really think work is the new middle school. *smh*


8 thoughts on “WTF Face

  1. Dang…she sounds super-duper crazy…imagine the looks she had to get from other co-workers around her. But I bet they already know this chick ain’t playing with a full deck.

    I guarantee she is gonna try to do or say something to keep it going. She seems like one of those people that thrive on keeping ish going. Probably will try to bring others in it to “take her side”…

    But she’ll look like a fool if you keep doing you, and don’t take the bait.

    No time for the B.S. in ’09…LOL!!!!!


  2. wow…it’s hard being friends with someone who wants to be you…who is jealous of you.

    be glad you got rid of her.

    unfriend her on FB and make sure fam does too…make it a clean break!

  3. HOLY SHIET!i!i!i!i!

    that wtf cat looks just like my cat =0

    is that ur cat or is it just a random pic?

    cuz that looks soo freakin close to being my cat. . . i know it isnt my cat because shes sleeping on the sofa right now =P
    but anywho ill be on my way now

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