Freedom, Day 3

I’m now on day 3 of my indefinite leave of absence from work. I see the ENT next week and will get the definite date for my sinus surgery then and will begin the pre-op crap. I really wasn’t trying to have another surgery any time soon, but if this will get me feeling better I really don’t care. I hear it’s painful as all get out, but again I really don’t care–plus I’m sure they’ll give me some of those “everything is great” painkillers.

This leave is indefinite, but the new building is scheduled to be done in late July so I will ostensibly return to work at that time. My time off will be unpaid after all of my sick/vacation time runs out, but we’re going to see if my situation qualifies for our A.FLAC to pick up. D and I spoke about the situation at length, and we decided that once I get my clinical schedule for nursing school we’ll figure out if I’ll be going back to work there. Whether I go back or not will also be determined by how well this surgery works and how I feel about transitioning from an admin position there to a nursing position. I’m just not sure I want to stay there given how my current situation has been. I’m not worried about it though, recession be damned.

I’m so excited it finally snowed yesterday. I was getting jealous of my parents up in the tundra back home. Every couple of days my mom was calling or emailing telling me that they got 6 or 9 inches of snow.  I miss real winter so much! I took my girlfriend’s eight year old son and a few of his friends to the snow hill and got it together on the sleds. I’ve still got some skills with the snow tubes! Me and some girlfriends are going to West Virginia over the weekend to really get some good snow tubing in. I’d better bring the Ba.lm with me cuz I know I’ll be some kind of sore when we’re done.

I’m trying to get my fun in now cuz I know once I’ve got all those stitches in my head, fun will cease to exist for a hot minute.


4 thoughts on “Freedom, Day 3

  1. Your not in that building getting worse. Thank God!

    I feel you on the snow, I had to make me a ghetto sled to enjoy the snow we got recently!

  2. I wish I could deliver some snow to you. I’m so sick of it I thought about getting a blow torch to melt it from around me, lol! I would definitely think throgh the whole situation with work.

  3. I’m with Ladynay, at least you’re not there getting more ill. They’ll miss you while you’re gone and will hate they didn’t try to work out something more reasonable.

    Maaaaaaaaan, I ain’t seent snow (that sticks to the ground) in a good long while. I would consider moving to Alaska just to get a good taste if Palin wasn’t still up there. lol

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