Friday Randoms

-Is the recession affecting people in transient jobs? Like women of the night I mean…prostihoes and all that. Are they giving recession specials to their clients? Like “I’ll add a teabagging session for an extra $5.00; that’s $8.00 off the list price”?

-Kids are so honest, but they don’t realize how mean they are. I was in the grocery store and heard some kid say to his mom “Why does that man’s stomach look like it swallowed daddy’s army tank?”. Damn.

-I wear my hair natural, so it looks shorter than it actually is. I straightened it out for a night out with a few friends. The “ss that a weave? No? I can’t believe it, your real hair is really that long?” comments got to me more than I expected them to.

-My birthday is in 29 days and I’m excited that I’ll be having my first real birthday party since I was about 11.

-I watched some lady bust her ass on the ice in front of me and I was choking down my laugh so hard I started crying. She turned around and said “Don’t worry honey, I’m okay! Don’t cry”

-My niece called me up angry cuz she got an overdraft fee at the bank. This poor girl said “Well I still had checks in my checkbook, that must have meant that I still had money”. Le sigh. This might be part of the reason we’re in a recession and why people can’t seem to get this bill paying thing under control.

-People who are meeting me for the first time tend to call me “Tashie”. That name makes my teeth itch. I thought most people shorten Natasha to Tasha. Only makes sense to me. Tashie…pfffft, sounds like a candy bar or something to me.  Call me what you will, just please don’t call me Tashie.

-I got invited to a swingers club this Friday. I don’t roll that way, but I’m curious as hell so I might just go and observe. Apparently this place is a real nightclub too so I won’t just be watching booty bumpin.

-I’m bout tired of hearing the republicans on the news trying to barely cover up the fact that they want Prez. O to fail at his new job.

-Speaking of Prez O, I’m tired of the 100 days countdown that most news ops are doing to measure how good he’s doing.

-My sisters-in-law keep sending me diaper coupons. Either they’re trying to throw hints that they want a niece or nephew or one of them needs help buying diapers for her tribe.

-I think I’m enjoying my freedom from work a little too much. Even with surgery in a few days. I know I’m gonna look beat from having surgery on my face essentially. The doc said black eyes are not uncommon. Not cute, but I’ll do whatever I gotta do to breathe again. Knowing I have fungi growing in there is nasty. Damn work environment.

-It’s tax time and I’m tired of seeing the ghetto ass tax prep commercials on TV. You know they don’t market those kinds of services to YT. “Come get yo’ money yall, so you can get some rims”. Nerp, don’t think so.


8 thoughts on “Friday Randoms

  1. Swingers club? For real?! Hubby got approached by a couple at the taco bell who asked him, “What are you and your wife doing later?” Complete strangers. Wow. Will we get a whole post on your observations? I can’t wait!

  2. Wow @ your neice. She couldn’t have been serious. She needs to take Banking 101.

    I never thought about the recession affecting the women of the night. I’m sure their pimp’s pimp hand has been working overtime.

    I’m curious too. So I would be at the swingers club just to be nosy.

  3. After that lady told me to not cry I would have busted out laughing…I just know it. lol lol

    I am too through with your niece. How old is she?

    Z swears up and down he saw some swingers getting down in a house one time about 10 years ago. He said all the blinds were open. I always tease him and say he as AT the party not just passing the house. lol

    I can’t stand ghetto commercials period….especially the tax ones. Their the worst!!

  4. Please tell me you schooled your niece on how a bank account and checks work…please….

    Get used to the tax commercials, they’ll be here till April.

    Kids are very honest. Today I went to a teenager version of Chuck E Cheese called Frankies. My father’s wife asked me if I was going to ride the go carts with the other members of our party. I said “nah”. My 5 year old sister says….

    “She’s too big, she’d break the car down”

    I had a salad for dinner! LOL

  5. LOL, I suspect hard times might even be affecting the women of the night. Might be competition from the respectable women too.

  6. Funny you should say that… I asked someone in passing if they thought Ho prices were less now…lol

    I’m not laughing At your neice…I am laughing With her…’cause I know she was joking, right? Right?!!

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