Damn Damn Damn

I know everyone’s heard about the drama last night with Chris Br.own (and Rih.anna) but I had to toss in my $.02. They’re waaay too young for all that mess (not that anyone is ever old enough), but stuff like this is happening to people younger and younger and it’s nothing short of disturbing.

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you’d know I had the stuffing whooped out of me more than once by a boyfriend when I was about 15-16 years old. Dude was much older than me though (not that it makes it any better), and he thought I was older than I was. Thankfully I had the sense to press charges the second time, but being a sophomore in high school with restraining order papers in my bookbag wasn’t the business at all.

I’m seeing, by way of my high school aged nieces and nephews, that this ish goes on around them all the time. A lot of the girls think it’s cute when their dude hits them cuz it means he cares enough about her to put his hands on her. In their eyes I guess any attention is good attention. When you start telling them that dude’s a punk for hitting women, they get all defensive. By the time you get through to some of them, the self-worth is already down the drain. Unfortunate in every way.

I don’t know this kid’s situation–how he grew up and what would push him to that point, but it’s a sobering reminder that everyone is still human regardless of fame.



6 thoughts on “Damn Damn Damn

  1. It’s so sad. Because he’s so young, I sort of looked at him like a “little brother”; cute and talented. I received a “update” news blurb in my email that he discovered she had an STD and just snapped. Whether that’s true or not, it still gives him not right to wail on her.

  2. Hey sweetie…been out of the loop…how’s married life?

    Girl I feel the same way…I’m like damn aren’t they like…19/20? Who does mess like this? I’m reserving judgement until the full (& real) story is out but this is crazy. I’m so glad you got out of a potentially dangerous situation, I remember there was a girl in HS whose bf used to beat the HELL of her…she finally got the courage to leave when he kicked her down a flight of stairs & broke her arm. It was so horrible sitting next to her in gym class with visible bruises all over her face & arms.

  3. I wish that Chris Brown would come out and clear the air. The more he stays silent and the more we hear about his antics it really makes him look bad. If what we hear is true he might need some help.

  4. wow girl that is crazy. I really don’t know what possessed Chris Brown to do that to Rhianna. Well that really brings to mind that famous old saying ……”you cant judge a book by its cover”. So true because from the looks of “mr young and charming” I would have never thought that he would have done anything unbecoming of a gentleman. Well, I think some of these guys these days are tired and just not worth the hassle. They way I see it, Us ladies gotta stick together.

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