Here & Now

I’m back, trying to recuperate and all of that. I’ve had an interesting few days trying to recuperate and have a lot of things running around my mind. I’ll be getting to those things in the next few days. I’m just stopping through for the moment to catch up on my blog reading.

I found out that I have to have another surgery on March 12  to fix my deviated septum and shave down some other bones in there and remove a cyst growing in my maxillary sinus cavity (more than you wanted to know, I’m sure). Apparently there’s a whole lot of ish wrong in there that they couldn’t repair on the first try. What a great birthday present…another trip to the O.R. and  a surgically broken nose (my b-day is on the 7th). Super.

Anyhoo, being stuck in the house recovering has given me a chance to do a lot of reading, thinking, and observing (via TV and the interwebs of course–you won’t catch me outside looking the way I do right now lol). Outside of feeling like a truck hit my face, I’m enjoying my time at home.

I decided, after a lot of discussion back and forth with the boss about my situation that it was time for me to leave the company. We’re still in close contact because of the surgeries, etc. but I knew that it was time to go. I’ll be using this time at home to get ready for nursing school and to find a new position in a different field to work in while I’m in school (ideally I’ll find a position with a company that employs nurses, so I won’t have to leave after graduation). I’m lucky to live in an area that the recession hasn’t hit too hard, and I’ve already been in touch with a few recruiters and things are looking favorable (crossing fingers and toes).  I’m looking at heading back to work sometime around April.

Seriously, I’m just taking things as they come and trying to make the best decisions for D and I. It feels so good to know that D isn’t pressuring me to go back into a field that I’ve come to hate and is more focused on me healing well. I don’t believe I’ve ever felt this type of security and happiness…even growing up. Even though I feel a little beat physically, life is good and I’m loving it.


One thought on “Here & Now

  1. Once the the docs get you right you will have plenty of b-days to celebrate how you want to!

    I love that you are taking this situation and turned it into a progressive step forward. Good for you.

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