Name Your Rant

Excuse me while I rant (as usual). If your name is not pronounced how it looks, do not get upset when people eff it up. It.will.happen.often.

I got cussed smooth the hell out on Friday all because I jacked up someone’s name. I was calling some leads at my PT hustle and came across a lead that was first name only. I was hesitant to call, but figured I’d give it a shot.

Me: “Hello. May I speak with Joyce please?”

Woman: “Who is this?”

Me: “My name is  Natasha. I’m calling from *business* and I see that Joyce requested some information about our services, so I’m just trying to follow up.”

Woman: “Juh-wah-say”

Me: “Pardon?”

Woman: “Look Nateesha or whatever the fugg your name is. My name is pronounced Juh-wah-say, don’t call my house disrespecting my name like that. I’m so tired of people getting that shit wrong. JUH-WAH-SAY! What is so hard about that!? I’m not using none of your services stoopit non-reading muhfuggas.”

Me: *click….dialtone*

I got off the phone and wanted to spin my head 360 degrees like the daggone Exorcist. What.the.hell? I know I’ve written about bad names before, but come on y’all. We’ve got to do better.

And while I’m talking about names, if one more person comes up to me with this joke I might cry:

Wanna Be Jokester: “My hairdresser’s client’s name is LA-A. How do you think it’s pronounced?”

Person: “I dunno. LAAH or something like that”

WBJ: “No it’s ‘La-Dash-Ah’ Bwahahahahah! Get it? ‘La-Dash-Ah'”

Seriously, I’ve had no less than 4 people try to run that joke on me in the last few weeks—always thinking it’s the funniest ish ever known to man. And it’s always their hairdresser’s client. Put the joke to bed. Thanksandgoodnight.


5 thoughts on “Name Your Rant

  1. This whole post is funny! I’ve come across names that are spell one way but pronounced another way.

    Don’t know if you watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta but one woman’s name is pronounced Sha-Ray but spelled Sheree. Looking at that name I wouldn’t say Sha-Ray.

  2. People mispronounce my name all the time. There is another name that is very similar to it, so that’s what folks call me. I wish everyone would say it right, but I don’t have a cow over it….

  3. You are right, it’s the craziest thing. They get made like everyones name is spelled like that. When I call people for my job I try to use the last name. But with the changing demographics in America last names are hard too. A corporate rule of thumb is if the people in the HR department can’t spell it then maybe you shouldn’t use it. Or so that’s what I heard…. ha ha ha.

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