She’s Aliiiive

Hey fam, it’s been a while since I logged in and did some posting. I hope yall haven’t written me off yet. Thanks so much for the emails checking in on me and letting me know it’s time to get back to the blog game. That’s not to say that I don’ t have lots to talk about though. A lot’s been going on, but I’m settled in to the new place so I actually have time to blog again.

So I had surgery, and that went well. I’m still not 100% the way I should be, but I’m better than I was so I’m not complaining about a thing. Just before surgery, I cut the job strings loose so I enjoyed a while as a “desperate housewife”. One weekend before I got my “poor man’s nose job” sinus reconstruction, D and I went for a drive and we saw a house we loved. We really weren’t going to start trying seriously for a house for a while yet, but we fell in love with the one we saw.

With the market being the way it is, we were able to get the process done much faster than usual, so within a few weeks we were signed into and ready to go on our new house. We were living more in the Baltimore area before, but now we’re back in the DC Metro (well the ouskirts of the area, but much more commutable than before). We got ourselves a fabulous 3 story townhouse with 3 bedrooms 2.5 baths, in an area with some of the best schools in the state and country for that matter (that was important to us becuase we plan on starting a family sooner rather than later and didn’t want to have to move when the kids got to school age).

During the whole moving process, I started looking for a new job. Given this rough economy,Ā  I was blessed with numerous interviews and was able to snag a great position with a major player in the health insurance industry. It was a rare opening, and I just happened to fit the requirements to the T. Somehow I beat out a pool of about 200 applicants. Yay! So a week after we moved in, I started at the new place and I love it thus far.

We’re finally settled in our new house and are no longer living out of boxes. Moving is such a wretched process for me and I’ve moved a lot in the last few years, so I’m glad to be in a permanent place. Peace out apartment life.

Anyhoo, now you’ve gotten the quick and dirty about what’s been going on in my world. I’ve been so behind reading blogs; I know I’ve got serious catching up to do so I’ll be by your spots in short order. Aww, I didn’t realize how much I actually missed you *sniffle* *wipes tear*


6 thoughts on “She’s Aliiiive

  1. Such blessings!!! Congrats on the new home and job! Glad to hear everything with the surgery went well too! šŸ™‚

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