My New Addiction

D put me on to some mess that he shouldn’t have. Now I’ll get absolutely nothing done at work because I’ll be effing with the site all day long. He sent me to Television Tunes where you can listen to the theme songs for all of your favorite TV shows, past and present.

Listening to some of those songs reeeally took me back. I remember being glued to “Silver Spoons”, “A Different World”, “The Cosby Show” and “Punky Brewster” (if you didn’t know before, I guess now you have a pretty good idea how old/young I am).  I sat listening last night for a good close to two hours. Now I’ll probably end up on trying to look for old episodes. Yall know how that can get. There goes a completely productive good day at work.

What TV shows were your favorites growing up?


2 thoughts on “My New Addiction

  1. Sounds like we’re about the same age. Someone turned me onto and it’s the devil!! *lol* I’ve watched old episodes of Silver Spoons, Kate and Allie, Punky Brewster and It’s a Small World, just to name a few. Gotta run – going to check out your site now!

  2. I am not even going to go to that site….NOPE!

    I loved me some Punky Brewster, Good Times, Silver Spoons, Benson, Cosby Show, Different World, Facts of Life, Happy Days (shut up, LOL), Benson, Who’s the Boss, Mr. Belvedere (sp), Moonlighting….and the list goes on and on

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