Things I Don’t Understand…

– Why radio stations bleep out the word “se.x” in the Birt.hday Se.x song, but don’t bleep out the word “sexy”

– Why ads for payday loans and car title loans seem to only be on the urban radio/TV stations. I’ve never caught one of those ads on the Top 40 mix or rock station.

– Why the people at the nail shop always look over each other’s shoulders and comment on the work they’re doing

– Why my job seems to be the seventh dimension of the ghetto vortex. No one’s ever wrinkled their nose at me because I don’t have excessive drama until I got to this place. These people demolished two servers going online for Op.rah’s free K.FC coupon which might not be an issue for a big company, but there are only about 60 employees. We are an inter/intranet driven company which means no work got done for about 5 hours until the servers were fixed.

– Why some chicks and men can barely take care of themselves, can’t boil water, can’t keep a decent house, can’t keep a positive checking account balance, or a credit card under the limit but insist on dating only a “good man” or a “good woman” with an ivy league pedigree, a chef’s soul, and an 850 FICO score.

– Why my neighbor puts on 12 pounds of makeup to go running in the 75-80 degree heat, but can’t for the life of her figure out why her skin is jacked the hell up

– Why the people at the oil change place get salty when a girl knows her way around her car. “Naw son, don’t try and run that okie doke on me about a 40,000 mile service or tell me that my air filter is dirty….if you didn’t notice, that air filter you showed me isn’t even from the brand of vehicle I drive”

– Why C.ia.lis and V.ia.gra commercials are on during dinner time, but there are no condom commercials on at that time. And people wonder why we’re still having issues with unwanted pregnancies and debating the morality of “choice”.

– Why I have to go to the “hood” Target/drugstore/etc to find makeup shades for my skin tone. Shouldn’t all the colors be in all the stores?

– Why people put rims on busted up hoopdies. Putting chromed out anything on your 1987 Honda CRX or that IROC-Z doesn’t increase it’s value.

– Why middle schoolers are asking for smartphones. What exactly are they trying to organize?

– Why the GOP never seems to be happy. They’re riding this Sotom.ayor racism thing into the ground. Limba.ugh is trying to rip this woman a new one over one comment she made, but he’s quick to forget that his own mouth has gotten his behind in trouble more than once. Pot, meet kettle.

– Why the shoes I want are never available in my size

– Why there are still crackheads. This stuff has been around for decades, and we’ve all seen first hand people like this:

Tyrone_BiggumsSo why would anyone willingly try that ish?


2 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Understand…

  1. You sure are right about the difference in radio commercials. I’ve never heard this played on the “top 40” station in our area.

    The sex-sexy thing made me reminded me of a comment Z made this weekend. We were watching “Lean On Me” on BET and they bleeped out n*gga but not sp*c. His question, why bleep out one and not the other? Aren’t they both equally derogatory? Touche’

    Lol at the lady that works out with makeup. I bet she has a helluva time getting her makeup/sweat stains out of her clothes.

    Why are middle schoolers asking for smartphones???? I say get their little asses a Jitterbug and call it a day. LMAO!!

    Regarding crack, Rick James said it best…….a helluva a drug. I wouldn’t know though. lol

  2. ROFL! I don’t even know where to start! HAHAHA!

    If elementary school children have cell phones, why can’t middle school kids have smart phones? *eyeroll*

    I guess people who get immuned to whatever drug of choice they normally use, try crack. I dunno! LOL

    Never thought of the pay day loan/urban station thing until you said something. Hmmmmmm

    Some stations play the one where they say sex and others don’t, the media is real funny about what can be said and what needs to be watered down or bleeped.

    Your neighbor is crazy.

    You can only find your makeup in the hood cuz dat’s wer all da blaks broads at! Duh! *smh*

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